Тема A change is as good as rest

В продолжении разбора топиков, которые могут быть предложены на устной части предметных олимпиад по английскому языку представляю вашему вниманию вариант ответа по теме A change is as good as rest. Offtop: Даже если вы занимались чем-то относительно успешно некоторое время, не факт, что накопленный опыт может оказаться вдруг не нужным.

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I suppose that one could agree with the statement, as it is often impossible to have a good rest, so we just have to change the type of activity. And we find that it refreshes us even more than complete rest. That happens because each activity involves different types of effort and alternating them is better that just lying down doing nothing. For example swapping physical and mental activity enables us to do a great deal of work without having any actual rest. While we do some mental work we rest physically. Similarly when we work physically our mind is not in use. So our activities are interchangeable. For example I try to alternate mental activity with physical action when I have lots to do. That strategy helps me save time and always keeps me refreshed and full of energy. After physical work I find myself ready for a new brain storm whereas a lengthy mental activity makes me tired and eager for thoughtless physical work. So there’s a reasonable balance.
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