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Тема A friend in need is a friend indeed

Разбираем топик для устного высказывания на олимпиадах по английскому языку — A friend in need is a friend indeed

Я готов честно признаться, что после участия в работе жюри районной олимпиады я стал по другому смотреть на старые черновики тем для устной части олимпиады. Многое из того, что мне казалось неотъемлемыми атрибутами устной речи олимпиадного уровня мне не видится уж таким и обязательным на первых двух этапах олимпиады. Если честно, то и свои варианты ответов на вопросы к устному экзамену я считаю, как минимум, перегруженными. Высока вероятность того, что темы для устных высказываний олимпиад 8-9 классов будут расписаны с помощью лексики уровня Destination B1 или будут два варианта по уровню сложности.

Сочинение по теме A friend in need is a friend indeed

I absolutely agree with this statement, as only those, who stick to us even in the hardest moments of our lives can be called true friends. It is easy to be a friend when everything is all right, you don’t have to do anything special. However when tough times arrive, it becomes clear, whether your friends are true or not. In a difficult situation a real friend will stick to you until the end, whereas a false one will give you away at the first opportunity. I have the unfortunate experience of being betrayed by a friend that seemed close and I must say that’s very painful and cannot be easily forgotten. I believe that the only way to have real friends is to be an unselfish, giving friend yourself. In other words, to have a friend- be a friend. That also concerns supporting your friends in a difficult situation. I am convinced that to be successful, friendship must be more about giving than about getting. You can give by supporting your friends in hard moments of their life just by being there. It’s very important to be near your friends when they are in trouble. You probably won’t have to do anything special, the sense of shoulder and support would make your friend more optimistic and confident. Even more important than that: he’ll know for sure he can rely on you and that’s worth all the effort. I must say that fighting your way through a difficult situation together with your friend makes the bond between you much stronger, you become closer with each overcome obstacle­. So it’s beneficial to real friendships to face difficulties from time to time. True, hardships will scare away the people who are not very serious about the relationship, but we don’t need such friends, do we?
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