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Тема A pretty face is no index to the heart

Еще один черновик топика A pretty face is no index to the heart. Забавное это дело разбирать архивы.
Еще одна поговорка в качестве темы для устного высказывания и отрывок попытки разобраться с предлагаемой ситуацией.

Сочинение на тему A pretty face is no index to the heart

Though there has never been proof of any connection between good looks and goodness in terms of ethic, people have always believed that good looking people are good natured. As for me I don’t see any ground for such far-fetched conclusions. In my opinion human’s personality has little to do with his appearance. Some say that beautiful people live more happily and consequently they are more likely to be generous and ready to help as they have fewer problems than those who are not so attractive. Happiness itself is not a simple phenomenon to define as the same thing can make you joyful one day and will make you moan later. On the basis of a complex nature of happiness I assume that good looks don’t lead to being everlastingly happy which in its turn allows to cast doubts on the idea that people are good due to having little to worry. I firmly believe that people do good because they are brought up in this way. Once you are child you are taught how to tell the difference between good and evil. A child is not capable of understanding things properly. He needs some assistance and guidance. Only a well-bread person can do right things not for fear of being punished but for the sake of goodness. Prejudices against less attractive people should be done away with. In any case as time passes any form of perceptive beauty fades away. We live and trust not pretty faces but soles. At least it is the way of the clever and it should be followed by everyone. Appearances are deceptive and be wise not to fall for the attractive but filthy.
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Декабрь 19, 2014