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Тема An inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time

В этой записи вам предлагается ознакомиться с топиком на тему ценности времени — An inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time. Высказывание получилось очень сбивчивым и рваным. Такой уж у нас отрывок. Постарайтесь, что бы ваши темы как можно меньше были похожи на данный образец. Чего только не найдется в черновиках. Не все достойно копирования, но воспоминания о днях минувших ценны фактом своего существования, а не безупречным стилем и высоким качеством.

Сочинение по теме An inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time

The statement illustrates unfortunately sad truth of this life. Mankind has created unbelievable technical miracles, now it rules almost everything including nature. It has had a great impact on the outer world, but we could never control time. And as I strongly suspect we’ll never be able to. Time is one of the most mysterious and abstract substances that is unlikely ever to be understood. We cannot return time that has passed and we can’t make the future come quicker than it has to.
By the way, you must have noticed that at some points time seems to crawl, so slowly it moves on. While sometimes it really flies and we can’t keep track of it. People say that that depends on whether what we are doing at the moment is interesting to us or not. Maybe time really moves at different paces. But that is only my guess. Nobody will ever know for sure what time is and how it works.
But what we know now is that time cannot be relived. Every second that passes leaves us forever. And how we spend it is vitally important. How often do we hear people complaining about the time they had wasted and how they regretted it later… That should be a lesson to everyone. We all should live now and here. Don’t put off doing something you have to or would like to do very much. Since there might be no tomorrow and no returning the minutes passed down the drain.
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