Анализ употребления артиклей ЦТ 2007

В этой записи мы обратимся к тестам централизованного тестирования 2007 года и будем изучать использование артиклей.
Что же нужно было знать участникам централизованного тестирования (ЦТ) 2007 по данной теме?

Основы правил употребления артиклей на цт 2007

Определенный артикль:
the существительное + of + существительное
the часть света of имя собственное
название островов во множественном числе
существительное + придаточное предложение
the + only + существительное
Неопределенный артикль:
прилагательное + существительное в единственном числе
on a + прилагательное + день недели или месяц + morning/evening
Нулевой артикль:
существительное + числительное;
часть света + имя собственное
_space — космос
название большинства улиц
Устойчивые конструкции:
On_holiday, the Lake District, for_granted, take a course, on_top of , a matter of, in a … voice, tell the truth, at a profit, on the increase, go for a sail, in_difficulty, ask for _ permission, the Great Wall of China, at _ sunrise, a range of, the Mall, in the night, in despair, the Louvre , the Eiffel Tower.
Как вы видите, артикль в тестах 2007 года является в своем большинстве частью лексических конструкций. Очень полезным является просмотр предложных сочетаний, так как в них очень часто мелькают артикли.

Упражнение на употребление артиклей по мотивам тестов 2007

1.Ann had () face of () angel and we loved her at once.
2.() Glasgow was () city where they met for () first time.
3.Your defeat is () matter of () time. Sooner or later you will have to give in.
4.There is () wide range of ability within () class.
5.I have always wanted to go along () Great Wall of ()China.
6.() loss puts our company in () financial difficulty.
7.`() police are around () house,’ she said in () trembling voice.
8.He seemed to take it for () granted that everyone would always obey him.
9.You can talk to Mr.First since he is on () holiday.
10.New ()cases of cancer seem to be on () increase.
11.I like () Beatles and I want to go to () Liverpool and walk down () Penny Lane.
12.() 10.15 flight to () Ireland leaves from () gate 3B.
13.She demanded that he tell her () whole truth about () incident.
14.We got up at () sunrise, had () breakfast and left () place without () word.
15.They entered () house without asking for () permission.
16.() Eiffel Tower is () landmark in () Paris.
17.() Mall is () road in () London between () Buckingham Palace and () Trafalgar Square
18.One of () most popular tourist destinations is () Lake District.
19.There was () heavy rain and () high wind in () night.
20.Once () Falkland islands were under () British control.
21.In () end he decided to take () course in Math.
22.They wanted to go for () sail, though their parents ere not in () favour of () plan.
23.He managed to sell () premises at () profit.
24.She was () only woman he had ever loved.
25.() story is about () alien from () outer space who makes friends with () small girl.
26.She was in () despair and didn’t know what to do.
27.On () top of this, my computer broke down and () light was switched off.
28.At () first we wanted to visit () Louvre but later we decided not to do so.
29.He retired to () sleepy little village in () west of Scotland.
30.He phoned her on () Friday evening and they made () decision to meet () following day.
[1.the,an 2.-,the,the 3.a,- 4.a,the 5.the,- 6.the,- 7.the,the,a 8.- 9.- 10.-,the 11.the,-,- 12.the,-,- 13.the,the 14.-,-,the,a 15.the,- 16.the,a,- 17.the,a,-,-,- 18.the,the 19.-,-,the 20.the,- 21.the,a 22.a,-,the 23.the,a 24.the 25.the,an,-,a 26.- 27.-,the 28.-,the 29.a,the 30.a,a,the ]

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