Тема Be quick to hear and slow to speak

Предлагаю вашему вниманию еще один топик к ситуации Be quick to hear and slow to speak, которая раз промелькнула в темах для олимпиад и, конечно, еще вернется в этот список.
Как и всегда, вам предлагается отрывок черновика на основе которого вы напишете своей ответ по теме. Устное выступление это нечто личное и то, что было хорошо для одного, не обязательно хорошо для другого.

Сочинение по теме Be quick to hear and slow to speak

Though simple is the saying, it highlights the two main guidelines for successful life. The former implies that willingness to alter your point of view on the things which may seem to be ordinary and well-known is the key to success. Nothing is perfect and there is always some room for improvement. There is always one more way out in any difficult situation if your mind is flexible enough to doubt the so called conventional ways of dealing with it. The story which may exemplify it goes as follows. One lorry got stuck under a bridge. It seemed to be impossible to free it. Many specialists were asked about the ways how to see to the puzzle. All of them failed to come up with a solution to the problem. A ten year old boy turned out to be more creative than all of those certified specialists. His mind was not blurred in any way by numerous traditional solutions. His advice was to flatten the tyres. It is simple enough when offered but it was overlooked by those who are expected to be of help. The latter, as for me, is the other side of a coin. Jumping to conclusions or in other words the hastiness of the made decisions will never lead to the good. Any situation of importance calls for thorough consideration. Any decision has its pros and cons which should be taken into consideration and weighted carefully. Being able to solve a problem is clever whereas being able to foresee it is wise. Hurriedly made decision may not only be a solution itself to the current problem but the cause of many forthcoming ones. As for me I am always ready to listen to what others have to say if it’s up to the point. When it comes to making decisions I usually slow down so as to not run up against a problem.
Вот таким образом можно трактовать ситуацию Be quick to hear and slow to speak на олимпиадах в 11 классе.

Опубликовано: Декабрь 19, 2014