Билет 10 Three speakers about pastime Script 31 Ответы к аудированию

В этой серии публикаций мы обратимся к аудированию на выпускном экзамене по английскому языку. Сегодня мы разбираем аудирование из десятого билета (Скрипт 31, страница 98).

Вопросы к аудированию Three speakers about pastime. Script 31

1. According to the first speaker, what is his favourite pastime?
2. Why is the second speaker keen on crafts?
3. What problem does the third speaker have because of his favourite pastime?

Варианты ответов к аудированию Three speakers about pastime. Script 31

1. The speaker says there is nothing better than riding on horseback on a hot sunny day with a little breeze in the country. Horse riding has been found to have a good effect on those who go in for this kind of activity. Moreover, having a pet is known to make its owner a happier person.
2. All the things the speaker makes relax him and he gets a bit of satisfaction from having made something useful. This understanding builds one’s self esteem. The process of creating something beautiful is a kind of reward itself.
3. He has put on a lot of weight, because he can’t help eating crisps and other snacks while watching. Sitting in front of one’s TV leads to gaining weight due to the lack of moving activity and overeating. Apart from that TV is to blame for lowering critical thinking skills. You are not simply given some information. You are stuffed with ready made conclusions which some people may mistake for experience and knowledge.
Обратите внимание на другой вариант ответов к аудированию Three speakers about pastime. В данном случае в качестве ответов используются слегка измененные предложения из текста.
1. His favourite leisure pastime is riding on horseback on a hot sunny day with a little breeze so he can enjoy freedom from almost everything and everyone.
2. The speaker likes to make people smile so most things are simply given away.
3. The last speaker puts on a lot of weight. he can’t help eating different snacks while watching.

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