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Билет 11 Running a race Script 32 Ответы к аудированию

В этой серии публикаций мы обратимся к аудированию на выпускном экзамене по английскому языку. Сегодня мы разбираем аудирование из одиннадцатого билета (Скрипт 32, страница 98-99).

Вопросы к аудированию Running a race. Script 32

1. How many runners are going to take part in a race?
2. Where would they like to organize the starting line?
3. Why do they need to have first aid points?

Варианты ответов к аудированию Running a race. Script 32

1. At the moment they have no more than 150 people who want to participate, but they expect the number will have raised up to 200 by the time the race starts. Running is good for your health, but taking part in competitions is not the same if you take them seriously.
2. They want to organize the starting line some place where runners may warm up, the Town Hall, for example. It is a terrible mistake to do vigorous exercises without doing something which is less energetic.
3. It is necessary to have first aid posts. Some sportsmen may experience some health problems and it is important make sure that doctors will be able to help them as fast as it is possible. While running you sweat which results in dehydration so they should put tables with drinks along the route as well. It is common practice for long distance running competitions.
Обратите внимание на другой вариант ответов к аудированию Running a race. В данном случае в качестве ответов используются слегка измененные предложения из текста.
1. At that moment they had 150 applicants but they expected there would have been 200 by the race started.
2. It would be near the Town hall as the car park is big enough for runners to warm up
3. They want to have first aid point on the route in case the runners have health problems.

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