Билет 12 Maggy’s favourite places in London Script 34 Ответы к аудированию

В этой серии публикаций мы обратимся к аудированию на выпускном экзамене по английскому языку. Сегодня мы разбираем аудирование из двенадцатого билета (Скрипт 34, страница 100).

Вопросы к аудированию Maggy’s favourite places in London. Script 34

1. What are Maggy’s favourite places in London?
2. What are they going to do in the evening?
3. Why does Alex want to go to a cafe?

Варианты ответов к аудированию Maggy’s favourite places in London. Script 34

1. Maggy’s favourite places are not far from each other. They are Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Park, St. James’s Palace and Piccadilly Circus. They are the most popular London’s landmarks. Thousands of tourists head to London to visit these places and many others. London is similar to St. Petersburg where each stone is said to have its own story to tell.
2. Maggy suggests visiting an entertainment area of Piccadilly Circus where there are lots of pubs and cafes. Alex don’t mind the idea but he has another idea on his mind. I am not sure that they will pay a visit to Piccadilly Circus. He seems to be trying to be polite, but his reply doesn’t sound like an agreement to me. Maybe they will think of anything else to do after having a snack.
3. Alex wants to go to a cafe right now instead of doing it in the evening. The reason for it is quite obvious he is starving and wouldn’t mind having something to eat.
Обратите внимание на другой вариант ответов к аудированию Maggy’s favourite places in London. В данном случае в качестве ответов используются слегка измененные предложения из текста.
1. Her favourite places in London are Buckingham Palace, St.James’s Park, St.James’s Palace and ,possibly, Piccadilly Circus.
2. They could go to one of the pubs or cafes located in an entertainment area of Piccadilly Circus.
3. He wants to eat and his hunger makes him go to a cafe right now.

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