Билет 8 Kerry’s typical day Script 26 Ответы к аудированию

В этой серии публикаций мы обратимся к аудированию на выпускном экзамене по английскому языку. Сегодня мы разбираем аудирование из восьмого билета (Скрипт 26, страница 95).

Вопросы к аудированию Kerry’s typical day. Script 26

1. What is Kerry’s typical day?
2. Why doesn’t Kerry follow a diet or go to the gym?
3. What piece of advice does Kerry give to beginners?

Варианты ответов к аудированию Kerry’s typical day. Script 26

1. Kerry usually gets up at around 10 a.m. She goes to the gym or attend a jazz class. She meets friends and they go to the place of their current employment the theatre. Many actors and actresses live in this way. They usually work till the dead of the night so they have some free time in the morning.
2. Kerry doesn’t follow a diet or go to the gym because she doesn’t have to do it. She should be grateful to her parents for that. Most women are fighting a losing battle against extra weight. You can gain it in no time but when it comes to losing it may take you quite long.
3. It is impossible to beat those who refuse to give up. She advises beginners to be confident and keep trying. Practice makes it perfect.
Обратите внимание на другой вариант ответов к аудированию Kerry’s typical day. В данном случае в качестве ответов используются слегка измененные предложения из текста.
1. She gets up about 10 am and goes to either the gym or a jazz class where she meets friends who don’t work in the morning.
2. She eats completely normally, including sweets and chocolates but not much.
3. Be confident and go on practising since patience is rewarded

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