Упражнение на словоупотребление (ЦТ 2013 по английскому языку варианты 1-2)

Сегодня мы начинаем разбор сommonly confused words из тестов централизованного тестирования 2013 года. Вам предлагается упражнение, составленное по мотивам вариантов 1-2.

Упражнение на словоупотребление:

Her mother taught her, and she in *** taught her own daughter.
(turn ) turn|order|line|result
The new model will not appear in the shops until the end of the year.
(appear ) appear|start|happen|occur
The label *** to take one dose three times a day.
(says ) says|tells|answers|talks
There was a book I wanted to buy, but now I can’t remember the ***.
(title ) headline|title|initials|calling
Thousands of students have taken *** in demonstrations.
(part ) place|care|part|role
She went into her bedroom and *** down on the bed…
(lay ) laid|lay|lain|lied
He *** his cap up from the floor and stuck it back on his head…
(picked ) lifted|took|held|picked
I’ll *** the information on to our sales department.
(pass ) let|pass|hold|take
The hotel *** a playroom for children.
(provides ) takes|borrows|provides|allows
The hotel *** a playroom for children.
(provides ) takes|borrows|provides|allows
The moment my head touched the pillow I *** asleep.
(fell ) began|fell|became|started
150 *** were invited to the wedding.
(guests ) members|guests|hosts|owners
The town is **** close to Manchester’s international Ringway Airport.
(located ) set|brought|held|located
He’s *** with us until he can find a place of his own.
(staying ) leaving|putting|standing|staying
They’re now the most popular band in the *** wide world.
(whole ) full|all|absolute|whole
The computer takes a few seconds to power up after it’s been *** on.
(switched ) switched|taken|kept|moved
Their eyes *** across the crowded room.
(came ) went|moved|came|took
She treats everything I say as a ***.
(joke ) comedy|joke|humor|fun
Guests were asked to bring sleeping *** for the two-day bash.
(bags ) bags|beds|boxes|covers
Wine is *** from grapes.
(made ) made|done|carried|invented
This is a well-equipped and comfortable hotel, *** good value for money.
(offering ) suggesting|offering|proposing|advising

Этот упражнение по теме «словоупотребление» хорошо подойдет для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словоупотребления в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ/FCE или их аналогов.

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Опубликовано: Июль 28, 2015
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