Упражнение на словоупотребление (ЦТ 2013 по английскому языку варианты 7-8)

Теперь пришел черед седьмого и восьмого вариантов тестов централизованного тестирования 2013 года по английскому языку. На повестке дня упражнение на словоупотребление по материалам заданий ЦТ.

Упражнение на словоупотребление:

I was *** to be a professional dancer, and practised for hours every day.
(determined ) organaised|interested|determined|fond
Part-time *** is generally hard to find…
(work ) occupation|work|career|job
There was no point now in telling Bartocci about the letter he had ***.
(received ) given|inherited|awarded|received
Ten booklets and two magazines have been *** out so far.
(brought ) finished|taken|brought|made
The information you may find on the Net can be ***.
(meaningless ) hopeless|careless|meaningless|helpless
It’s a very stylish and beautiful film, but it lacks ***.
(content ) contest|content|comment|context
If you live alone, you often wonder who would look after you if you *** ill.
(fell ) turned|fell|dropped|came
We managed to *** them to come and sit with us and she ended up next to me.
(persuade ) persist|insist|persuade|involve
Symptoms include fever, aching muscles, and *** generally unwell.
(feeling ) feeling|finding|filling|falling
Martina Navratilova has never been afraid to ** her mind.
(speak ) speak|say|make|talk
Dairy foods provide your body with a tiny *** of vitamin D.
(amount ) supply|amount|volume|number
Dairy foods provide your body with a tiny *** of vitamin D.
(amount ) supply|amount|volume|number
Just looking at a picture of the sea is guaranteed to *** me feel sick.
(make ) do|get|make|cause
Most people find it hard to *** to a diet.
(stick ) follow|put|stick|make
Wash them in cold water to *** all traces of sand…
(remove ) rid|leave|remove|delete
A woman was *** killed during the shootout.
(accidentally ) wrongly|casually|harmfully|accidentally
The food is wholesome, *** and well-presented.
(tasty ) distasteful|tasteless|tasty|harmless
The food is wholesome, *** and well-presented.
(tasty ) distasteful|tasteless|tasty|harmless
She stayed up all night *** with her friends online.
(chatting ) chatting|calling|contacting|calling
There’s not enough people willing to *** the risk…
(take ) take|get|make|do
Small, simple, cosy and *** popular. Book it ahead.
(extremely ) actually|extremely|intensely|entirely
He often stopped reading or writing to stare into the distance, dreaming perhaps of some *** plan.
(ambitious ) average|ambitious|available|additional
Задание из этого поста по теме «словоупотребление» может быть использовано как для организации занятий так и самостоятельного изучения словоупотребления в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ/FCE или их аналогов.

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Опубликовано: Июль 28, 2015
Централизованное тестирование