Confusing words (CAE) Part 5

Несмотря на то, что основным направлением блога является освещение различных вопросов словоупотребления и грамматики английского языка, в той или иной мере относящихся к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку, мы, авторы, пишем и на другие темы. Я, например, публикую старые записи по confusing words. Уровень сложности: CAE.

Список изучаемых пар слов

В этой публикации мы забираем разницу в значении таких пары слов как: luxurious ― luxuriant, official ― officious, judicial ― judicious, masterful ― masterly, stimulus ― stimulant. В предлагаемых упражнениях слова даны белым цветом и видны при выделении.

Разница между luxurious и luxuriant.

You use luxurious to describe something as being comfortable and expensive, without identifying it as belonging to a particular class.
Luxuriant plants, trees, and gardens are large, healthy, and growing well.
1.Tall, luxuriant plants grew along the river bank.
2.He let himself fall into the most luxurious of the armchairs.
3.They have a very luxurious house.
4.We spent a luxurious weekend at a country hotel.
5.This stretch of land was once covered with luxuriant forest, but is now bare.
6.Her luxuriant hair fell around her shoulders.

Разница между official и officious.

Official means approved by the government or by someone in authority.
If you describe someone as officious, you are critical of them because they are eager to tell people what to do when you think they should not.
1.There is to be an official inquiry into the incident.
2.He’s an officious little man and widely disliked in the company.
3.The official photos of the prime minister’s tour of India are in the magazine.
4.The queen will attend the official opening of the theatre in June.
5.When people put on uniforms, their attitude becomes more confident and their manner more officious.
6.The people at the tax department were very officious, and kept everyone waiting for hours while they checked their papers.

Разница между judicial и judicious.

Judicial means relating to the legal system and to judgements made in a court of law.
If you describe an action or decision as judicious, you approve of it because you think that it shows good judgement and sense.
1.Calls for a judicial inquiry into the affair are growing louder.
2.You have to be very judicious about how you spend the taxpayers’ money.
3.Congress has gone back into session and most of the judicial branch of government began its annual one-month vacation.
4.Executive, legislative, and judicial authority flowed from him and there were no legal limitations to his power.
5.We should make judicious use of the resources available to us.
6.The President authorizes the judicious use of military force to protect our citizens.

Разница между masterful и masterly.

If you describe something as masterly, you admire it because it has been done extremely well or shows the highest level of ability and skill.
If you describe a man as masterful, you approve of him because he behaves in a way which shows that he is in control of a situation and can tell other people what to do.
1.Jenkins was masterful at maintaining his complicated life.
2.Attlee was extremely intelligent and his grasp of the situation was masterly.
3.The Schumann Fantasia in C is a masterly work written in homage to Beethoven.
4.Rembrandt is famous for his masterful contrast of light and darkness.
5.The Reagan White House was masterful at this kind of effort.
6.Malcolm Hebden gives a masterly performance…

Разница между stimulus и stimulant.

A stimulus is something that encourages activity in people or things.
A stimulant is a drug that makes your body work faster, often increasing your heart rate and making you less likely to sleep.
1.Foreign investment has been a stimulus to the industry.
2.Caffeine, which is found in coffee and tea, is a mild stimulant.
3.Nicotine, the drug found in tobacco, is a stimulant.
4.The book will provide a stimulus to research in this very important area.
5.Interest rates could fall soon and be a stimulus to the US economy…
6.Indeed, neuropeptide Y is the most potent central stimulant of feeding known.

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