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Confusing words (CAE) Part 9

Данная публикация продолжает раскрывать тему сonfusing words для учащихся, стремящихся дотянуться до  CAE.

Список изучаемых пар слов

В этой публикации мы забираем разницу в значении таких пары слов как: councillor ― counsellor, shadow ― shade, regretful ― regrettable, conclusive ― decisive, intensive ― intense. В предлагаемых упражнениях слова даны белым цветом и видны при выделении.

Разница между councillor и counsellor.

A councillor is a member of a local council.
A counsellor is a person whose job is to give advice to people who need it.
1.These are composed largely of local councillors indirectly appointed by their local authority but not directly elected to these bodies.
2.The college now has a counsellor to help students with both personal and work problems.
3.Voters also elected new regional councillors.
4.It will be put to city councillors next week at the information and leisure committee meeting.
5.A trained counsellor can provide non-judgmental support, as often it is hard to speak openly to family and friends.
6.My colleague found that his sessions with the grief counsellor helped him work through his feelings.

Разница между shadow и shade.

A shadow is a dark shape made on a surface when something stands between a light and the surface.
You refer to an area which is dark and cool because the sun cannot reach it as the shade .
1.The children were playing, jumping on each other’s shadows.
2.They sat in the shade between the palms.
3.I moved my chair into the shade.
4.The setting sun cast long shadows across the lawn.
5.The tree cast a shadow over his face.
6.The sun was hot, and there were no trees to offer us shade.

Разница между regretful и regrettable.

If you are regretful, you show that you regret something.
You describe something as regrettable when you think that it is bad and that it should not happen or have happened.
1.Surprisingly, she didn’t feel nervous, or regretful about her actions.
2.The army said it had started an investigation into what it described as a regrettable incident…
3.She apologized and sounded genuinely regretful.
4.It is regrettable that strike leaders seem intent on spoiling holidays.
5.George sounded a little regretful that he hadn’t been there.
6.It’s regrettable that classical music receives so little attention.

Разница между conclusive и decisive.

Conclusive evidence shows that something is certainly true.
If a fact, action, or event is decisive, it makes it certain that there will be a particular result.
1. They had conclusive evidence of her guilt.
2. The economy is regarded as the decisive factor which will determine the outcome of the general election.
3. Research on the matter is far from conclusive.
4.Unless decisive action is taken to combat the disease, the death toll will continue to rise.
5.There is no conclusive proof that your son is dead.
6.This decisive defeat puts them out of contention for this year’s championship finals.

Разница между intensive и intense.

Intense means `very great or strong’.
Intensive activities involve using a lot of energy or effort in order to achieve something in a short time.
1.The course compresses two year’s training into six intensive months.
2.In some areas, modern intensive farming is giving way to the re-introduction of traditional methods.
3.I could not help feeling intense discomfort.
4.The soil has been so heavily leached through intensive farming that it is no longer fertile.
5.His threats become more intense, agitated, and frequent.
6. Stevens’s murder was the result of a deep-seated and intense hatred…

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