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В этой записи мы познакомимся с топиком Custom is a second nature. Замечательная штука это блог. Без него я бы вряд ли стал без необходимости пересматривать старые записи. Предлагаю отрывок ответа по теме.

Сочинение по теме Custom is a second nature

I can’t agree more with this statement. While growing up we pick up many habits of different kinds. Some of them are taught I mean doing your morning exercises and having healthy food for breakfast. Others don’t call for any special upbringing. For instance, some people are in the habit of leaving their things in different places. Psychologists claim that they do so in order to mark their own territory where they feel safe and sound. Many people in creative professions are known for making a mess in their studies. While those whose job is to be precise everywhere (accountants for example) may find it irritating when everything is not in its usual place. I firmly believe that it is possible to find out much about a person by examining his room and having a closer look at personal things. We may find many examples of this kind by reading numerous stories about the famous detective Sh. Holmes. All his conclusions were based on noticing even unimportant things as things can say a lot about their masters. In one of his investigations he noticed almost invisible scratches on his client’s watch. The watch was an expensive one and only a careless person would put keys and a watch in the same pocket as it leads to damaging it. Keeping an eye on trivial things is the key to knowing more than others without putting any extra effort into it. Just as a wall consists of many bricks so humans nature is a set of customs and habits.
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