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Describe a book that produced a great impression on you B2

Этой публикацией начинается серия заготовок для устной речи с опорой на содержание Destination B2. Предлагаемый вариант ответа по теме Describe a book that produced a great impression on you является учебным т.к. он содержит изучаемую лексику.

Устная тема Describe a book that produced a great impression on you

The most natural way of becoming more knowledgeable is to learn from someone who is older and more experienced. Unfortunately those who bring us up can’t always be of help. Your interests may be different. The wisest of us can be ignorant of things which are out of their scope of interests. It is a sad, but common story. The older we grow up the more grows on the understanding that there is nothing better than a good book. The vast majority of books come out to instruct their readers. They often help us to see to a problem we have run into. It is quite clear if we bring up manuals and text books. What about fictional literature? I am sure that books of this sort teach us lessons of another kind. Reading those helps us to see through other people. They may make up for our lack of life experience. Especially if you don’t flick them through but do your best to look into meaning behind words.
I am a keen reader so it wouldn’t be easy to talk about a book that produced a great impression on me since there were several which contributed greatly in my upbringing. When I was little I was fond of magic and the unreal. I read fantasy books like Lord of Rings and books about Harry Potter. I was carried away with the brightness of their plot. Dragons and wizards distract my attention from everyday problems. Much later it dawned on me that situations in which people find themselves have little effect on them. A coward and liar will always behave in a disgraceful way. If a person is unwilling to change nothing will make him better. Gradually I grew out of escapist books. I took to reading books on psychology. I preferred explanatory books to motivating ones. The latter are all about make a reader get round to some kind of activity. The former gave me a better understanding of people and their intentions. I fell in love books by Dale Carnegie. He showed how to communicate effectively with others so as to come on. He taught me how to work as part of a team. I wish I had more time for background reading. If you want all your ideas to come off you had better narrow down the spheres of your interest. When I have more spare time I will go in for reading classical literature. Those who went down as the greatest novelists of the previous centuries understood human nature better than my contemporaries.

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Январь 20, 2016