Тема Describe a person that motivated you most and explain why

В этой записи мы попробуем дать ответ на тему Describe a person that motivated you most and explain why. Если вы готовитесь к олимпиадам, то прорабатывайте даже те темы, которых не было в предыдущие годы, а то вдруг вытяните новое-хорошо_забытое и что тогда?
В подготовке к олимпиадам устная речь должна занимать самое главное место и только потом все остальные виды деятельности. Уж очень часто «падают» в этом разделе

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Children often learn by imitating anyone’s behaviour. It is one of the principles of learning. A learner is usually shown how to perform this or that action and invariably asked to try to do the same to the best of his ability. While maturing kids often try to imitate those who they look up to and I am not an exception. Though unlike most teenagers I am not fond of numerous celebrities. I find it strange to admire imaginary heroes of whom I know nothing apart from endless scandals and persistent rumors. To cut a long story short, I reckon only the dearest and closest ones can have a considerable impact on us. By communicating we learn essential things like how to tell the difference between good and evil. I firmly believe that the person who can influence most of all is one of the relatives (usually mother or father). It’s a blessing to have a person to whom you can turn and never be let down. As for me they are my parents who taught almost everything. Needless to say, I am talking not about some specific things like a good knowledge of a particular topic, but being a decent person.
There is no doubt that there are loads of people who influence us greatly when it comes to something in my opinion unimportant. All important inventions and theories explaining how everything works have nothing to do with the things of the greatest importance I mean interpersonal relationships which are the key to true happiness.
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