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Тема How would you describe an ideal family Destination B1

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Сочинение на тему How would you describe an ideal family?

To begin with, I would like to say that a family is by far the most important thing in the life of any person. Some people may be stupid to deny it. The fact that you may claim the Earth is flat proves that you are not clever and that is all. Denial of something is not a proof that it doesn’t exist. When you are little, your family protects you from threats of different nature. If you need money and clothes, members of your family provide you with what you need. When you need some advice, you may ask for it. When you have everything you need, they can bring back your childhood memories. Your family is a source of everything you may need: finance, wisdom and love. Now I will try to describe an ideal family… It is supposed to make you happy, but happiness is not so easy to define since it is quite personal. As for me happiness is to be understood. Your relative is expected to listen to what you have to say and try to understand you. He will not judge you on your point of view. He simply asks if I need his help or not. Even if you can cope with everything on your own, knowing that there is someone who can help you gives you a lot of confidence. Cold criticism is not what we need. A friendly hint is much more welcomed. There is a world of difference between them. Members of a family who like and support each other without exceptions are part of an ideal family in my opinion. My family is not an ideal but good one. Perfection is highly desirable but it is almost impossible to achieve. Sometimes bad things are done with the best intentions. Parents often make their kids follow their steps but the kids might be in favour of other options. A father who is an engineer has little chances to see the reasons behind the actions of his son who is crazy about music. Just imagine yourself in his shoe. Should he let him learn from his mistakes? What if the price for them was terribly high? Should he make him forget about his dreams? Wouldn’t I steal his life, his future then? In theory, parents are expected to wait and help if asked but who can tell when it is high time someone did  something? Everyone is prone to being erroneous. Be sensitive to the needs of others and sensible while giving the asked.
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Февраль 7, 2015