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Тема Speak about fashion and clothes in people’s life Destination B1

Ещё одна очень общая тема — Speak about fashion and clothes in people’s life. Можно конечно углубиться в гендерные различия в отношении данной темы, но хорошо ли это получится?
Наличие в теме объектов для сравнения сильно облегчает ее изложение. Очевидно, что мальчики и девочки по разному относятся к вопросам моды и почему бы это не использовать?

Сочинение на тему Speak about fashion and clothes in people’s life

Fashion is a thing on which two different people are likely to disagree. Tastes differ. Having something to choose from makes life more interesting. It has been so and it will always be. Fashion appeared as a way of decorating themselves. Even the same people may like different things if they are asked about their preferences during a single day. Since beauty is really difficult to define a variety of points of view on fashion is natural. Men and women have always had different opinions about fashion. Men traditionally regard fashion as something unnecessary though they like looking at prettily dressed girls. As you see, they are not indifferent to fashion but when they have to choose what to wear, they usually grab what is at hand. They think that they are handsome by design. Girls usually are not so arrogant. They often doubt if they are pretty so they are in constant search for different ways of decorating themselves: cosmetics, clothes and so on and so forth. As they are always unsure of being beauties they look for new fashionable clothes and cosmetics. This chase is endless. Perfection has no limits. If you spare a thought you will always find spots even on the Sun.
As for me I am not crazy about making up and fashion. If you are a real beauty you will be astonishingly beautiful in different clothes. Eyes which are a reflection of your soul will never tell a lie. Boys often fall for them but girls are not so easily taken in. If you are blind and can’t see through the obvious it is your own fault. I use cosmetics, but use it in moderate amounts since overdoing usually does more harm than not using it at all. A sense of beauty is not taught at schools, though a sensible person can learn how to avoid making trivial mistakes while choosing clothes and applying make up. I suppose public places such as schools or libraries are not places for showing off. If you want to impress others good looks are the easiest way but in the long run a pretty face is not enough. As for the clothes I wear, I prefer casual ones. When you are always in a hurry you had better wear comfortable ones. Designer clothes are not supposed for everyday use. People buy them yo show how different they are, for the sake of being different. Jeans and jackets are my choice though I am fully agree that skirts and dresses are more womanlike. If I have an invitation to a ball I’ll find something to put on. Otherwise I stick to my everyday ones. People on the move have no time to be into others’ outfit.
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Февраль 15, 2015