Тема Speak about shops and shopping in people’s life Destination B1

Вот мы и добрались до последней темы по списку для школьных-районных олимпиад на 2014 год — Speak about shops and shopping in people’s life.

Учитывая уровень этапа, темы написаны преимущественно на уровне лексики Destination B1 с крайне редким употреблением лексики более высокого уровня.

Сочинение по теме Speak about shops and shopping in people’s life

The unity of points of view is not always possible. Though I dislike shopping, it is part of our everyday life. Our life would be inconvenient and even impossible, if there were no shops at all. They provide us with all we need and even more. There are some things related to shopping which I detest. Shop assistants try to sell what they have on offer. I understand that it is a part of their job and the more they sell the higher their salary will be, but I prefer to be given what I ask for, not the stuff they have to sell. I don’t like being persuaded to buy the unwanted whatever the reasons are.
One more thing that makes me cry is advertisements. Marketologists and psychologists try to fool viewers to buy something. It doesn’t matter if you don’t need it. They attempt to make us believe that we will be unhappy without another purchase. That’s the reason why I go to small shops only. Prices at those shops are higher than in supermarkets, but the staff is less impersonal. If you are a frequent customer at such a shop, you are likely to be recognised and treated in a different way. They value their shoppers and respect their opinion. Unfortunately, smaller shops can’t offer a great variety of things to obtain just some basic things. In the past if you wanted to buy something unusual, you had to go to a supermarket hoping that they had it in stock. Nowadays you can buy things via the net. Their prices are unbeatable. The variety is beyond any wild dreams. Whatever you choose, it will be delivered to you by post or a delivery service. The trick is that if something goes wrong, no service will be available. You will have to go to another city to ask for replacement. You are at risk if buy something in this way. No insurance at all! Be aware of possible problems. Local market can be of help if you seek something common at a moderate price. As for me it is the best way to find what you need. If you are a good communicator a seller will obtain what you want to get. You will buy it from him when he gets it. You can’t expect a sales assistant at a supermarket to do so.
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Опубликовано: Февраль 15, 2015