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В своей традиционной трактовке темы Speak about the role of education in modern life предполагается, что нужно рассказывать о том, что без образования в современном мире не возможно добиться успеха, но это не всегда так. Стоит ли отстаивать свою точку зрения или рассказывать ожидаемые вещи?
Следует помнить, что оценивается уровень владения языком, а не личная точка зрения по вполне дискуссионным вопросам. Если вы обеспечите свое высказывание обширной доказательной базой, то доказывать можно любую полярную точку зрения. В Destination B1 есть юнит Learning and doing вокруг которого можно плутать составляя устное высказывание по теме. Предлагаю отрывок ответа по данной теме:

Сочинение по теме Speak about the role of education in modern life

When we talk about education we often think of the years people spend at school. Studying different subjects and taking exams are the two things we usually associate with education. Pupils have to learn by heart and revise a lot of different things like poems, formulas and laws. I don’t think that the things we usually read out while doing this or that course are really useful and will help us achieve something in the future. I don’t want to say that school is useless. I mean to say that the skills we develop while studying are more important than the things taught. While memorising endless poems we develop our ability to gain a lot of material within short periods of time. You are unlikely to find the poems useful in your later life, but being able to tell something from memory will be useful in many real life situations. When we have to study a lot and we lack in free time, we have to learn how to use our time effectively. Time management is a lesson to be learnt at school as you will have to learn it when you are a grown up and the price for this may be really high. If you can’t concentrate on important things you will be in trouble both at school and at work. You may be the smartest person at school but you will fail to achieve good results if you work ineffectively. The sooner you learn these lessons the better worker you will become. Some say that pupils should be given as much information as it is possible. I don’t think it is the correct approach to education.  Pupils had better develops skills which will be useful. I mean learning how not to lose concentration and keep everything in memory. Reciting endless textbooks is of no practical value. I am sure that brains can be developed in a different way. Pupils should learn how to see to different problems applying the know to deal with the unknown.
You may get good marks at school and be really talented but without self-discipline and time management you will not succeed in life after school. Paper qualifications are highly valued at school, but being successful involves being capable of finding solutions to real problems. Self-education is important as for formal education like simple attending school I suppose the lack of it can be made up for. A regular visitor to a good library will learn more by looking up books than a careless student who cheats in exams and makes no real progress.
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