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Тема Speak about the role of the Internet in the modern world Destination B1

Тема Speak about the role of the Internet in the modern world не особо интересная для ответа. Очевидно, что роль его велика.

Отличиться можно только пресловутым качеством языка, но этот критерий очень специфичен. Усложнение подачи не всегда дает положительный результат. Естественность поведения ребенка на собеседовании может и не иметь отношения к уровню владения языком. Вопросов, как и всегда, имеется больше чем ответов. Ответы появляются только после объявления результатов…

Сочинение на тему Speak about the role of the Internet in the modern world

The Internet emerged as a result of a scientific project. It was supposed to ease exchanging various data between laboratories situated in different places. They wanted to exchange some information which is supposed to be kept in secret. Someone came up with a clever idea of connecting the computers in a network. Much later once a local network became world wide web, www for short. I think that the Internet is a way of exchanging various information. Without information it is useless. Just imagine it without social networks and other sites delivering various forms of what is known as digital content. A variety of content available on the net and the ease at which it can be gained make the Internet really important. The Internet itself is no more than a means of distributing the searched and found. Quality of content is a key issue. If there were none of value the Internet would lose its appeal. Though I am not of high opinion about the importance of the Internet I use it quite often. It isn’t my choice, I simply have to do so. When I want to know what is going on I usually visit news sites or read newspapers on line. The information you may get this way is not always reliable, but it is fast and free. Cheapness of everything connected with the Internet makes it so attractive. You don’t have to wait for the day when you favourite newspaper comes out. People are always in a hurry so if they can spare a minute they may turn to something of low quality. It is true not only about the information but food as well. Think of the popularity of fast food. When I want to relax I watch video clips at youtube.com. I wouldn’t say the video is at high resolution, but it is free so grumbling about its low quality is not to the point. Using search engines I can find information on different issues, but it can be misleading or incorrect, though it is fast and free. If you were to write a report you’d better look up reliable books. If it is not so important the Internet can come in handy. If I want to talk with my friend I may use skype to talk with him. It is not the same as a friendly chat in a cafe, but it is fast and free. I am starting to realise that the Internet is some kind of fast food in the sphere of information technologies and communication. It speeds up many things in our lives, but we are offered low quality replacement for the things which were good enough for the previous generations. It plays an important role in lives of many people, but I am not sure whether it is for the good.
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Февраль 11, 2015