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People usually make friends with those who like the same things as they do. They spot similarity in interests and preferences of other people’s. When they see something like that they try to know other people better and commonly become friends later. Having something in common is like a magnet which attracts our attention to other people. Some people may get interested in pretty faces, but I am not sure that such a friendship will last long. You can’t make friends with a picture in an art gallery. It’s beautiful, but you can’t have a word with it. You can’t make friends with a heavy volume of an encyclopedia. You can’t find a lot of information in it but it is unlikely to take interest in you. The same goes to a wallet. You can take money from him but it will be as cold as ice when you turn to him for advice. Wallets are not expected to be sympathetic. Keeping money is their specialty. Beauty, knowledge and wealth taken alone can’t make a good friend. A good friend is more then the qualities mentioned.
My friend is rather pretty, but it is not what I like her for. Though you can’t call a person with ginger hair and emerald eyes yet another girl in a crowd of passers-by’s. She makes boys turn their hands by a smile. It’s so irresistibly beauteous. As I told you before it was not physical beauty that drew my attention to her. I have been attending art school for a few years already. Different exhibitions of works of its pupils are annually held. Some of the pictures were much better than others. Naturally I got fond of them and tried to find out who made them. My little investigation led me to meeting my friend for the first time. At first I was interested in her pictures hoping to learn what her source of inspiration is. Much later I understood that she is not only a talented painter but a very interesting person to make a wonderful friend. She has a very interesting personality thanks to her childhood passion for reading. She knows a lot, but she always lets others have a say. She is understandable and never presses her point of view on other people. I am happy to have such a good friend and I do my best to be a good friend as well. Any relationship with other people is about giving, not only getting if you want it to last long.
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