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Тема Speak about your favourite form of art заезжена до дыр и банальна, но разве составители тем обязаны нас развлекать?

Сочинение по теме Speak about your favourite form of art

To my mind art is something which makes our life more beautiful and interesting. Without art our life would be boring. Just imagine everything around us were of grey colour or of the same form. As for me art is a way to make everything better or at least more colourful. Art is a source of inspiration for many people. When working hours are over many people find pleasure in something related to art. After endless hours of unending work routine you want to deal with something beautiful. Knowing that there is something which may make your life less piteous enormously eases the burden of yet another tedious day at work. There are many different forms of art. Visual ones are painting, sculpture and photography. The other forms of art are defined as performing. They are music, theatre, films, dance. Art is not something unchangeable. A work of art is not something as old as the hills. It is constantly changing by taking different forms which are relevant to changes in the world. There are loads of computers nowadays so there have emerged new forms of art such as digital art, computer graphics, computer animation and 3d printing. As for me, literature is a form of art, too. It’s a form of expressing your emotions and ideas. As you can see art has many forms and it is not easy to choose a favourite one. I like different forms of art and turn to them in turn depending on my mood. When I am tired of daily routine I prefer inspiring ones according to my own classification of forms of art. In my opinion they are music, theater and literature. When you deal with them you simply appreciate these samples of pure beauty. You use them to cheer yourself up. You fill your inner world with bright starts of other people’s imagination which help you go on despite any problems. Creating a work of art takes much time and goes to have so they are examples of being persistent which lead to achieving some height. Sometimes I want to express my feelings. If they are clear I write short stories or poems. If I find it difficult to put my ideas into words, I try to draw a picture or play some tune using my piano. Art is not only about getting, but giving as well. Adoring works of art will lead to trying to create one on your own. When you are blue you may use it as a remedy. If you are in high spirits or simply have something to say, you are free to use art as a means of self-expression. Art is a valuable thing which shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a pity that most teenagers don’t understand its value. There are many different forms of art you can easily find the one which suits you best.
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