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Говорить о празднике или поездке на отдых? Если не хочется попасть в не приятную ситуацию с офтопом, то придется поговорить обо всем.

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When kids talk about holidays they mean lots of presents and days off school. Their parents often imagine going to some place for pleasure. As you can see their definitions of the key word are quite different. I am not a kid any more, although I am not a grown-up yet. So lets deal with each definition one by one. As for my favourite day off, it is New Year. As a kid you don’t have to go to school for as long as a fortnight. Nothing can be better form the pupil’s point of view. New Year is a merry time when you have many tasty things to eat and much time to spend on entertainment only. It’s time when many dreams may come true. I mean long awaited presents. It is supposed to be fun time, so you can play your favourite games with literary no limit. We are expected to enjoy ourselves, aren’t we? Why not to do so? Let’s look outside our houses! Everything is white thanks to snow. Isn’t it beautiful? Whiteness which comes from snow is often associated with purity and it pleases our eyes. Everything covered with snow is so neat and tidy. Purity can’t be unattractive as newness always gives some hope for the better. Apart from various entertainments, New Year is the time you meet your relatives whom you  rarely see during the rest of the year. It’s so pleasant to know that you have so many relations. The happiness from meeting them doubles overall pleasure. There are many other holidays but none of them is so lengthy. Let’s talk about holidays as going somewhere usually for pleasure. I prefer to travel with friends as their company may make any good journey even better. Our past is not where we were, but what we recall. Being alone in the best place will not bring you any happiness. If you can’t share your experience with anyone, you will forget about it in no time. As for means of travelling my choice is to travel by car. If you go by car, you may decide on your own where to go and what places to visit. I suppose that when you are young you should go to different places to get to know their history better. To my mind, youth is time when you should educate yourself in any possible way and travelling is not the worst way of becoming knowledgeable about the world around us.
Any holiday is a chance for every person stop a rat race and think about the immortal — one’s sole.
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