Тема There are outstanding people in all countries aren’t there Destination B1

В этом вся «прелесть» олимпиад. Кто-то вытянет speak about, а кому-то придется отстаивать или опровергать высказывание. Например, There are outstanding people in all countries, aren’t there?
Темы тянут сами участники и обижаться можно только на себя. Готовить нужно любые типовые ситуации, которые встречались за последние лет пять т.е. в портфолио у учащегося должно быть тем 70. Под большим вопросом стоит необходимость подробно готовить и ответы на вопросы. В принципе, достаточно не использовать отрывки из темы при ответы на вопросы. Если разучивать шаблоны ответов на темы, то учитывая требования к ответам придется сильно увеличить нагрузку. Ответы на 4 вопроса, обычно, равнозначны по объему теме. Вернемся к рассматриваемой теме т.е. отрывку из ее черновика.

Сочинение по теме There are outstanding people in all countries, aren’t there?

As for me, the saying is true. A talent doesn’t need any special conditions to appear. Abilities call for developing but being a genius doesn’t have anything to do with the education or cultural background of a person. The thing which amazes us in people who are exceptionally talented is that they can do something which other people have to learn how to do. Moreover, they seem to be capable of doing things which are new to most of us and are not taught anywhere. Teachers make us believe that imitation is the best way of learning a skill. We are taught how to be a copy of someone’s else. Sometimes following others’ steps is good, but if you never try to change your location you will always be in the same place. We are brought up with the idea that it is normal not to be able to do something if you haven’t been shown how to do it. If someone turns out to be able to do the untaught, we are ready to call them outstanding and I would say that it is fair enough. Being able to question the right is a quality you will be punished for at school, but it will lead to coming up with some bright idea in the future. Everyone knows about Lomonosov. He was born in a village far from big cities and schools with lots of teachers. He wanted to become a scientist and he made a way of hundreds of kilometres to study and later he succeeded in gaining a fame of a learned man and the first Russian scientist. He used every opportunity to become more and more knowledgeable. Nothing could put him off his aim. Once he had reached his goal to become a scientist he didn’t go in for such activities as various science conferences but continued his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.
Not many people have ever heard about Joseph Conrad. He was a Pole who wrote in English. He is regarded as one of the greatest novelists in English, though he did not speak the language fluently until he was in his twenties (and always with a marked accent). He was a master prose stylist who brought a distinctly non-English sensibility into English literature. The fact that a non native speaker may become a prominent writer in this language demonstrates that there are no limits if you want to succeed and any society have some people to take pride in. Everything depends on a person if you want to be a success. Nothing can prevent you from making your dreams come true. Your ability of thinking is what you can’t be deprived of. It is a pity that many people willingly decided not to bother themselves but participate in the rat race.
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