Тема Do you think that your diet is healthier than that of your friends’ ?

Вот таким образом можно трактовать ситуацию на олимпиадах в 11 классе.Умение рассуждать критично для успеха на олимпиадах. Посмотрите на тему Do you think that your diet is healthier than that of your friends’ ? Очень часто вас могут попросить сформулировать свое мнение по вопросу, для которого нет единственно правильной точки зрения.

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Сочинение по теме Do you think that your diet is healthier than that of your friends’?

Being healthy is of vital importance. If you are unwell nothing can make you happy. Illnesses have always been associated with pain and sorrow. The two can’t by accompanied by a sense of happiness. There are many different ways to be healthy. First you should do some exercises to keep fit. To my mind the best forms of them are jogging and swimming. Cycling can be beneficial as well. No matter what kind of sport you will choose take it up in moderate amounts.Overdoing may lead to health problems. Second you should live in a calm way. Stresses have a bad effect on one’s health. Earn less and have fewer stresses is another strategy for living an illness free life. Last but not least, we are what we eat. Numerous dietitians are always coming up with endless theories explaining what a proper diet is. Some of them really weird though there are some basic guidelines. Needless to say, we should avoid any junk food. Fizzy drinks will not do you any good either. You should eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. Meat shouldn’t be left out in any case as it is a source of valuable proteins which can’t be gained by eating greens alone. As for different ways of cooking I think stewing is better than any others. At least we don’t use oil while doing it. Fatty food is not a welcomed guest. While talking about a healthy diet, we shouldn’t forget about consuming enough water. Everyone knows that a person can live up to 30 days without food and only a few days without water. Water takes up 70 percent of human bodies. A grown up is expected to drink 3,5 liters of water per day. As for me I am not crazy about diets at all. I suppose all we need is enough fruit and vegetables with some meat. As I have mentioned above water is a matter of concern as well. Once you are sensible enough everything will be ok. The same goes for the so called proper diets
Вот таким образом можно трактовать ситуацию Do you think that your diet is healthier than that of your friends’ ? на олимпиадах в 11 классе.
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