Тема Every dark cloud has a silver lining

Иногда на олимпиадах предлагают такие топики как Every dark cloud has a silver lining и с лету не очень даже понятно о чем говорить многим учащимся. О чем же тут можно поговорить?
Скорее всего о том, что и в плохом есть хорошее, если его поискать. Очень позитивный настрой!
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Сочинение по теме Every dark cloud has a silver lining

People often see any problems they have run up against as something negative. Beyond all doubt it is not pleasant to see that our plans fall through. It is clear that it happens, due to our mistakes while planning an action or performing some kind of activity. The main thing is to catch on that there is something wrong in our actions which prevents us from succeeding. Although we shouldn’t forget that the end of one period of life is the start of the coming one. Any today’s misfortune is an opportunity for a person to become better. You should do your best to get to the heart of a problem so as to work out the way to see to it. As for me I sometimes find myself in a difficult situation where I don’t know what to do. The first thing I do is to calm down as it is impossible to think about anything when I am irritated. The second step to success is to find out the problem I encountered. Sometimes it may take quite a lot of time but without understanding the nature of a problem it is impossible to find its cure. Once it is clear what to do I work to the best of my abilities to get rid of the problem. I firmly believe that without the bad, there would be no good.
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Опубликовано: Декабрь 11, 2014