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Вопросы к тексту Family history

1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.
2. Jean Sandwell made a shocking discovery. Read aloud the extract which says about it.
3. Why do people start tracing their family histories?
4. What recommendations does the author give to discover your roots?

Варианты ответов к тексту Family history

1. The text is for those who are interested into researching family history. Even though you never thought about it you may get hooked on the idea after reading the text. You can pick up some useful recommendations how to do research from it as well.
2. Some of the things that people discover about their families can be very surprising. When Jean Sandwell researched her family history she had a very big shock. She found out that she had been adopted as a baby. After she had accepted this situation, Jean tried to find her real parents. «I discovered that my mother emigrated to Australia in 1966,» says Jean. «In 1982 I went to Australia to meet her. It was a very emotional experience for both of us.»
3. It is difficult to know for sure what reasons might be behind somebody’s actions. I can only guess. The author of the text claims that curiosity drives people into tracing their family histories. I suppose it is a plausible explanation. Of course, there might be other ones. I fail to name them off the top of my head.
4. The author recommends interviewing all the family members before they pass away. You should start making a basic family tree of your close family and enlarge it step by step. It is wise to use public records in archives of different nature and origin. The Internet might be a source of information, too, though its credibility is rather questionable.
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1. This text is about researching family history which is wonderfully exciting when you learn more about the great great parents.
3. People start tracing their family histories because they want to learn more about their ancestors
4. Make a basic family tree and make it bigger step by step. Talk to all close relatives before it is too late. Local libraries and national archives are an important source of information.

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