First Certificate Skills Use of English Harrison Mark Unit 11

Продолжаем серию заметок с дополнительными упражнениями к First Certificate Skills: Use of English by Harrison Mark. Этот учебник будет интересным дополнением к Destination B2.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на фразовые глаголы

The weather cleared [ up ] and they were ready to resume their journey.
She had no one to back her [ up ] and turn to.
They were busy talking with another client, so I was asked to hang [ on ].
AD stands [ for ] Anno Domini.
The car suddenly pulled [ up ] at the corner and the detective went out.
The training session was called [ off ] because the coach was ill.
She held me [ up ] by giving extra work to do.
She stuck [ to ] her point of view and refused to change it.
It’s high time you threw this garbage [ away] .
They promised to see [ to ] the issue late.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на словообразование

The lack of [confidence] stopped him from getting the gold medal . CONFIDE
To her [annoyance], the stranger did not go away. ANNOY
The news was rather [frightening] so we were at a loss for words. FRIGHT
He got the post thanks to his energy and [enthusiasm]. ENTHUSE
The building was quite [impressive] and so was the excursion. IMPRESS
There was something very [scary] about him. SCARE
He started attending lectures out of sheer [boredom]. BORE
His illegible handwriting led to [confusion]. CONFUSE
It was much more [enjoyable] than she had expected. ENJOY
At that time she was suffering from [exhaustion]. EXHAUST
The walled city is an important tourist [attraction]. ATTRACT
Watching sport gave him a lot of [pleasure]. PLEASE
The current situation was very [frustrating] for them. FRUSTRATE

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на слова сходные по значению

Your passport is [valid] for this month only.
I may be mistaken as I don’t have [exact] figures.
He kept a small [flock] of sheep..
Your description is not [relevant] to the situation.
He put a [ pack ] of cards on the table.
The area is well [suited] to cycling as well as walking.
She was bought a [ bunch ] of flowers and a present.
I don’t think that it was the [right] thing to do.
He wanted us to buy a [ set ] of his books to prepare for the exam.
There’s something about the way he teaches that doesn’t [fit].
Would this evening be [convenient] for you?
You need to get [proper] education. A two month course is not enough to become a specialist.

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