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First Certificate Skills Use of English Harrison Mark Unit 4

Продолжаем серию заметок с дополнительными упражнениями к First Certificate Skills: Use of English by Harrison Mark. Этот учебник будет хорошим дополнением к Destination B2.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на фразовые глаголы

Could you have a look at it? It seems to have broken [down] again.
Someone is reported to have broken [ in ] Gringotts.
They fell [ out ] over some trivial nuisance and split up.
If plan A falls [through], think of plan B.
The fight broke [ out ] after drinking a few bottles of vine.
Let’s break [ up ]! You don’t care what I feel.
He fell [ over ] and hurt his knee badly.
The house is on the verge of falling [ apart ]. It looks like rather shabby.
I will never fall [ for ] your false promisses again.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на устойчивые словосочетания

My teachers used to [ give ] me a lot of help and support.
Her house caught [ fire ] and burnt down on the first day of her summer holiday.
No wonder, that he caught a [ cold ] and took sick leave.
The inspector [ kept ] an eye on young offenders.
All tests put unnecessary [pressure] on students, not helping them to become better.
It’s time you [ put ] a stop to gambling.
She [kept] me waiting before I could have a word with her,
In the end, he [ came ] first and became the winner of the race.
She stayed at home to keep me a [ company ].
When he came to [ power ] most of his opponents were put into prison.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на словообразование

The proposed tax will [enable] the hiring of more teachers. ABLE
You must have [misunderstood] me. I can’t have said that. It’s utterly impossible. UNDERSTAND
Should the opportunity [arise], I’d love to visit him some day. RISE
I want to [emphasise] the importance of the decision we are about to take. EMPHASIS
I was very [discouraged] at that time, but I still hoped to find the way out. COURAGE
By reading one [broadens] his horizons and develops imagination. BROAD
We did so to [ensure] that we were not making a gross mistake. SURE
The spokesman was unable to [clarify] the situation, which added a lot to overall confusion. CLEAR
Although he was at a decided [disadvantage], it took him no time to win the game. ADVANTAGE

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на предлоги

I was not aware [ of ] it. It explains my mistake.
What’s happened? He is being so kind [ to ] me these days.
He has not yet committed [ to ] any of the plans.
He was tired [ of ] teaching, so he resigned and left the country.
I am not familiar [with] this language. It doesn’t ring a bell with me.
Are you sure that she is equal [ to ] the task?
You must be proud [ of ] her success. She is your pupil, isn’t he?
You should avoid food which is high [ in ] fat.
The library was full [ of ] escapist books.
They are well-known [ for ] their academic abilities.

First Certificate Skills: лексика по теме intention

He wrote a letter [ with ] the intention of apologising.
He does everything [ on ] purpose. Everything is preplanned and prearranged in advance.
She didn’t plan [ on ] studying, just pretending.
This course is intended [ for ] advanced students only.
This article is meant [ for ] those who are interested in Ancient Greece.
She had no intention [ of ] insulting foreign guests.
His message was [aimed] at the undecided voters.
I had no real plans [ for ] the weekend so I accepted his offer.
It is hard to believe but they met [ by ] accident.
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