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First Certificate Skills Use of English Harrison Mark Unit 6

Продолжаем серию заметок с дополнительными упражнениями к First Certificate Skills: Use of English by Harrison Mark. Эта часть завершает половину книги.Этот учебник будет приятным дополнением к Destination B2.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на фразовые глаголы

We had better put the press conference [ off ]. We have much to do before it.
I tried to keep [up with] him, but I failed. In autumn he was far ahead me.
She was kind enough to put us [ up ] for a night.
Would you put your things [ away ]? I will have a guest in the evening.
Could you put me [through to] Mr. Smith from accounting department?
They would keep me [out of] their financial operations. I knew nothing about them.
Being a young teacher, he had to put [up with] rudeness and ignorance.
Her constant losses put her [off] playing tennis. She opted for dancing.
Just keep [ to ] this instruction and you will have no trouble.
Put [ on ] your raincoat. It’s drizzling outside.
I couldn’t do my best. He was always putting me [ off ].
I used to speak English fairly well, but I couldn’t keep it [ up ].

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на устойчивые словосочетания

Will we [ make ] an appointment with you on Monday?
You shouldn’t [ take ] this data into account since it is irrelevant.
You can’t [reach] the next level without hard work.
He [ put ] special emphasis on the mistake we made at the exam.
She had to [change] her mind when they met in private.
Eventually they [ made ] friends, but at first they detested each other.
My friend was ill and we decided to [ pay ] him a visit.
After leaving school they [ kept ] in touch with each other for many years.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на словообразование

It’s [incorrect] again. I wish you would be attentive. CORRECT
He was completely [unaware] of what is going in his class. AWARE
Most of her recommendations are sound and it is [unwise] to ignore them. WISE
He was [impolite] to his pupils and called them names. POLITE
Her decision was [unfair] and the pupils protested against them. FAIR
John was arrested for carrying a(n) [illegal] weapon. LEGAL
Kids are always [unwilling] to do much homework. WILL
She was rather [inefficient] as a headmistress, but brilliant as a teacher. EFFICIENT
Telling lies is [dishonest] whatever your reasons are. HONEST
She is [incapable] of concentrating on one topic. CAPABLE

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на предлоги

It took me a while to adapt [ to ] her new requirements.
Your salary will be limited [ to ] a certain amount in the begining.
Your results depend [ on ] the efforts you are willing to make.
Do you know where to exchange dollars [for] euros?
Jim applied [ to ] her boss for further explanations.
She treated herself [ to ] going to Berlin few years ago.
I would like to congratulate you [ on ] the end of the term.
They divided all the workload [into] equal parts.
It’s quite normal that they received the news about your appointment [with] disbelief.

First Certificate Skills: лексика по теме like and dislike

I’m not keen [ on ] that idea so I have to think something else.
They [have] a dislike for newcomers. There is nothing wrong with you.
My offer didn’t appeal [ to ] her. What a pity!
He was just not in the [mood] for trying one more time.
The accident left me with a deep hatred [ of ] officials.
I felt [like] having a day off at the end of the term.
Tests get all enjoyment [out of] studying.
I hardly see any objection [ to ] your promotion to that position.
Marry was tired and [had] no desire for working any further.
I have never approved [ of ] your strange behaviour.

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