Фразовые глаголы c in

В этой записи мы обратимся к фразовым глаголам с in, into и in for. Кроме теоретической части вам предлагается и упражнение для закрепления по этой теме.

Список фразовых глаголов с in производными

be in
1) be at home/ in one’s office * быть дома или в офисе
2) (int) to be fashionable again * быть популярным
be in for
(tr) expect sth, usu bad * ожидать что-то плохое
break in
1)(int) enter by force or illegally * незаконно вторгнуться
2) (on) interrupt * прерывать
3) (horses etc) train * объезжать, дрессировать
break into
1) (tr) enter by force * войти силой
2) (tr) interrupt * прервать
3) (tr) burst into (laughter etc) * рассмеяться, залиться смехом
bring in
1)(tr) create profit/money * заработать
2) to introduce an idea * выдвинуть идею
3) to take sb to a police station * доставить кого-то в полицейский участок
call in
1)(int) visit briefly * заскочить на минутку
2) to ask sb to come to offer professional advice * попросить кого-то придти для того, что бы дать профессиональную консультацию
come in
become fashionable * стать популярным
come into
1)(tr) inherit * унаследовать
2) (tr) happen * случиться
cut in
1) (int) move suddenly in front of another car * подрезать другую машину
2) (int) interrupt * прервать
cut into
(tr) interrupt * прервать
do in
(tr) kill * убить
draw in
1) (int) (of a bus/train) arrive at a station * прибыть (о транспортном средстве)
2) attract people * привлекать людей
fall in
(it) collapse * рухнуть
fall in with
(tr) agree with * согласиться
fall into
1) be divided into (categories) * поделить на группы
2) (tr) begin; enter a state * перейти в состояние
get into
1) to have an effect on behaviour * сказаться на чем-то поведении
2) to start (a habit) * завести привычку
give in
1) (int) surrender; yield * сдаться
2) hand in * сдать
go in for
1) (tr) take part in (a competition) / принять участие
2) be interested in sth / интересоваться чем-то
go into
1) investigate thoroughly / тщательно расследовать
2) join a group / вступить в группу
3) crash / врезаться
4) start an activity / начать что-то делать
hold in
(tr) restrain * сдержаться
keep in
(tr) make sb stay indoors (as punishment) * ограничить передвижение
keep in with
remain friendly with * остаться в хороших отношениях
let in
allow sth to leek * спустить, слить что-то
let in(to)
allow sb to enter a place * пустить внутрь
look in on sb
(tr) pay a short visit to * заскочить к кому-то
look into
(tr) investigate * расследовать
pull in
(int) (of trains) arrive* прибыть
put in
1) include * включать
2) arrive at a port *прибыть в порт
3) apply for * подавать заявление
4) interrupt * прерывать
put in for
apply for * подавать заявление
run in
(tr) bring a new car engine into full use (by driving it slowly for a set period) * испытать новую машину, устройство
run into
1) meet unexpectedly * неожиданно встретиться
2) collide with * столкнуться
3) experience difficulties * испытывать затруднения
see into
to have knowledge of * знать что-то
set in
(int) (of weather) start and seem likely to continue * о погоде, которая продолжится долгая время
stand in for
(tr) replace sb temporarily * заменить кого-то
take in
1) (tr) give accommodation * пустить на постой
2) (tr) make clothes narrower (opp: let out) * ушить одежду
3) (tr) fully understand * понять

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы с in

1. We [are] in for harsh winter. We should buy more warm clothes.
2. You had better come at 8. He must [be] in by that time.
3. At first he didn’t want to [go] into the accident but he had to.
4. Her parents [kept] her in as a punishment for bad marks at school.
5. I don’t believe it. His song has [come] in again. Many people seems to like it.
6. All of a sudden he [broke] into laughter and ran away.
7. What has [got] into you today? Why did you behave like this?
8. She [ran] into him on a rainy day and their affair started.
9. I don’t see much of him. He [calls/looks] in occasionally.
10. Did you see that red car [cut] in on us?
11. We have a new horse in the stables. I want you to [break] it in.
12. The teacher asked her students to [give] in their essays.
13. It’s time you [went] into clearing up your room.
14. We had been waiting for a bus for one hour before it [pulled/drew] in.
15. I wish you didn’t [cut/put] into other people’s conversations.
16. Your skirt needs [taking] in as you have lost some weight lately.
17. He was shocked by their attitude but he could [hold] in.
18. It’s only recently that I’ve really [got] into modern poetry.
19. I want to take a few days off. Could you [stand] in for me?
20. She wanted to [go] in for the national championship but she couldn’t qualify.
21. Black dresses [are] in again. I see many women wearing them.
22. She has [gone] in for web design recently.
23. They tried to [bring] in a law on domestic animals but it didn’t meet with approval.
24. [Call] in an expert to oversee the work.
25. He failed to [bring] in and had to come home penniless.
26. The rain appears to [set] in. I’m glad that I have my umbrella with me.
27. Some sporty car is reported to have [run] into the traffic lights.
28. The dog was too old and suffered from many incurable illnesses. We had to [do] it in.
29. Some people [broke] into the bank and tried to rob it.
30. I can’t [see] into your thoughts. Tell me what’s happened.
31. After trying to solve the task for days he [gave] in and never tried to do it.
32. She [came] into a collection of rare books when her uncle died.
33. I can’t [take] in this task. Could you help me with it?
34. She [fell] in with my plan and we started thinking it over.
35. These cases [fall] into three categories.
36. We’ve [put] in for permission to build the house.
37. She didn’t [let] him in and threatened to call the police.
38. We need to [run] in a new model first and then we should decide whether to put it into production or not.
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