Фразовые глаголы c up

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Список фразовых глаголов с up производными

be up to
1) (tr) be capable of * быть способным что-то сделать
2) (tr) feel like doing sth usu sth wrong * быть замешанным в чем-то плохом.
3) (tr) to depend on * зависеть
bring up
1) (tr) raise a child * воспитать ребенка
2) (tr) mention*introduce a subject * упомянуть что-то, поднять тему
3) (tr) vomit * стошнить
break up
1) (int) stop for holidays (school etc) * закрыться на каникулы
2) (int) end a relationship * прекратить отношения
3) (int) to separate, split up * разделить на части
4) (tr) to (cause to) be destroyed * привести к разрушению
5) (int) (of a group) to cease to be together * (о группе людей) перестать собираться вместе
call up
1)(tr) order to join the army * призвать в армию
2) bring to mind * перекликаться в памяти, напоминать
come up
1) (int) be mentioned * быть упомянутым
2) (tr) arise; occur * случиться
3) to raise to the surface * появиться на поверхности
come up against
encounter difficulties * столкнуться с затруднениями
come up to
1) (tr) approach * подойти, приблизиться
2) (tr) equal; be up to (expectations) * соответствовать
come up with
(tr) find (an answer, solution etc) * придумать или найти ответ или решение проблемы
cut up
(tr) cut into small pieces * порезать на маленькие кусочки
do up
1)(tr) fasten; tie * застегнуть
2) repair, redecorate * починить, украсить
3) wrap * завернуть
4) to make oneself more attractive * прихорошиться
draw up
1) (of a vehicle) stop * остановиться (о транспортном средстве)
2) (tr) write out (will, list, contract etc) * составить завещание, список, контракт
get up
(tr) rise from bed * встать
get up to
to do sth bad * быть вовлеченным во что-то плохое
give up
1) (tr) abandon an attempt*habit * бросить привычку
2) (tr) surrender * сдаться
3) stop doing or having sth * перестать что-то делать
go up
1) (int) rise (price) * подняться (о цене)
2) ascend * подниматься вверх
hold up
1) (tr) delay * задерживать(ся)
2) rob * ограбить
3) last * длиться
4) to approve of * одобрять
keep up
1) keep sb out of bed * не давать кому-то уснуть
2) stay in a good condition * поддерживать в хорошем состоянии
3) maintain at the same level * остаться на том же самом уровне
keep up with
1) (tr) continue to be informed * быть проинформированным
2) (tr) stay at the same eve as sb*sth * не отставать от кого-то
let up
(int) become less strong * ослабнуть
look up
1) (tr) look for sth in an appropriate book * поискать информацию в справочнике
2) visit sb after a lapse of time * посетить кого-то через некоторое время
look up to
respect sb * уважать кого-то
make up
1) (tr) invent * изобретать
2) (tr) put cosmetics on * использовать косметику
3) (int) reconcile * примириться
4) form as a whole * дополнить
5) keep sth burning * не дать затухнуть
make up for
compensate * компенсировать
make sth up to sb
compensate * компенсировать
make up one’s mind
decide * принять решение
pay up
(tr) pay (a debt) in full * выплатить долг полностью
pull up
stop * остановиться
put up
1) {tr) erect; build * построить, воздвигнуть
2) (tr) offer hospitality * предоставить место для проживания
3) (tr) show in a public place * появиться где-то
4) raise prices * поднять цены
5) put resistance * сопротивляться
6) to show in a public place * появиться в общественном месте
put up with
(tr) tolerate * терпеть
put up to
give sb the idea of doing sth wrong * подать идею сделать что-то неправильное
run up
1) (tr) accumulate * собрать в себя
2) allow bills to increase * допустить накопление долгов по счетам
run up against
(try encounter (difficulties(opposition) * столкнуться с трудностями
set up
1) (tr) start a business * начать бизнес
2) (tr) establish (a record etc) * установить рекорд
3) erect * воздвигнуть
set sb up
(tr) cause sb to receive blame * заставить кого-то взятьна себя вину
stand up
1) (int) rise to one’s feet * встать
2) (int) fail to meet * не встретиться
stand up for
(tr) support * поддержать
stand up to
(tr) resist * противостоять
take up
1) (tr) begin a hobby, sport, job * заняться чем-то в качестве хобби
2) (tr) fill (time, space) * занимать место, время
3) to shorten a garment * укоротить одежду
4) to continue after interruption * продолжить после перерыва
turn up
1) (int) arrive or appear (unexpectedly) * появиться неожиданно
2) (int) (of an opportunity) arise * возникнуть (о возможности)
3) increase (volume, pressure) * увеличить громкость, давление
work up
(tr) develop * развиваться

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы с up

1. They opted to [break] up and never meet again.
2. He [got] up to something illegal and found his way into prison.
3. Unless we [come] up with a new solution to our problem we will be in trouble.
4. It doesn’t matter what may [come] up. Be yourself!
5. The firm she had [set] up was not a success at first.
6. Mark [stood] up for Julia when they accused her of stealing.
7. He foolishly [drew] up some papers not looking them through. It served him right.
8. They asked me to [come] up to them but I refused.
9. The Smiths are [putting/setting] up a high fence around their house.
10. We are going to take off soon. Please, [do] up.
11. They were too tired to [go] up and stayed in a lower camp.
12. It [is] up to you to decide what and when to do.
13. She [turned] up unexpectedly and he didn’t know what to say.
14. Two of his brothers had already been [called] up and he was the next to do the same one day.
15. The plane is reported to have [broken] up in the air.
16. Tim was [set] up and received a 10 year sentence.
17. Ann was too weak and [put] up with his being rude and offensive.
18. The criminal tried to [hold] up the bank on Friday morning.
19. They [brought] him up as if he were their son.
20. I hope you [are] not up to something bad.
21. Our school will [break] up soon. I can’t wait it.
22. [Keeping] up with them means investing money in link building.
23. They refused to [put] him up as they always feared strangers.
24. Seeing her in the white dress [called] up memories of his first love.
25. When the rain [lets] up we’ll go for a stroll.
26. He spent all his money on [doing] up his family house.
27. Jim was left in the camp to [make] the fire up.
28. I’m trying to [work] up enough courage to talk to her about leaving for another country.
29. I would be obliged to you if you wouldn’t [bring] up this topic any more.
30. After retirement he [took] up collecting stamps.
31. If something interesting [turns] up I will give it a go.
32. Sergio was brave enough to [stand] up to his boss. He had to look for another job though.
33. One of the older boys must have [put] him up to stealing from a shop.
34. Jack promised to [give] up smoking but he never kept his promises.
35. He [made] up another excuse for not doing homework.
36. Make sure you [cut] it up otherwise it will be difficult for puppies to chew.
37. Unfortunately your work doesn’t [come] up to our standards.
38. What about [putting] our prices up? It may result in higher income.
39. He [came] up with the problems he couldn’t resolve and resigned soon.
40. Gregory used to [ran] up huge internet bills
41. John was eager to do something extraordinary to [make] up for his previous failures.
42. I would like to be [kept] up with the latest news.
43. She asked the driver to [draw/pull] up and left the car without saying anything.
44. Something must have [held] him up. He is never late.
45. Her library [took] up most of her tine room on the upper floor.
46. [Turn] it up! I want you to listen to the song of my youth.
47. If prices don’t [go] up again I will be able to buy this car.
48. Marry has [come/run] up against another problem with the tax inspector.
49. Jerry couldn’t [make] up his mind what to do after not passing the exam for the fifth time.
50. We have [paid] up! We don’t have to live on a low budget anymore.
51. They decided to [make] up and cooperate.
52. Uneasy thoughts about the coming exam [kept] him up all night long.
53. Let’s hope this fact will not [come] up or we will be in trouble.
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