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Фразовые глаголы key word transformations and more 5

Очередная часть фразовых глаголов от FCE Use of English by V Evans в виде key word transformation упражнения. В этом упражнении мы работаем со второй книгой данного автора в серии.

Упражнение на фразовые глагол к FCE Use of English

1. They stole gold worth 10000$.
They [ran away with] gold worth 10000$.
2. It took the doctor 5 minutes to revive the patient.
It took the doctor 5 minutes to [bring the patient round].
3. They used to have rows almost everyday.
They would [fall out with one] another on a daily basis.
4. We were shocked when we met him for the first time.
We [were taken aback] when we met him for the first time.
5. I am afraid I will not be able to finish all the work on time.
I have grave doubts [if I will get through all] the work on time.
6.You should be asleep by now. Go to bed.
You should [turn in]. It is very late.
7. Always beware of strangers as they may behave strangely.
Always [look out for strangers]! They are unpredictable.
8. They decided to decorate the house for the coming holiday.
They decided [to do up the house] as the holiday was coming.
9. She plans to introduce a new system of taxation.
She thinks of [bringing in] a new system of taxation.
10. Jane will not be at school tomorrow due to the flu.
Jane will not attend school tomorrow as she has [gone down with] the flu.
11. We need more workers at the factory.
We should [take on more] staff to work on the factory.
12. it is difficult for me to see that notice. Shall we come closer?
I have [difficulty making out that] notice. What about coming closer?
13. Throw it away. It is not fresh any more.
It [has gone off so] dispose of it.
14. Subscribe to our news letter to know the latest news.
If you want to [keep up with the latest] news, get our news letter for free.
15. The black car stopped outside the church and a man in black got out of it.
The black car [pulled up] near the church and a man in black went out of it.
16. Do your best to resist the temptation.
Be strong – don’t [give in to] the temptation.
17. She wanted to inspect the scene of crime.
She wanted [to look (a)round the] scene of crime.

Первую часть данной серии можно увидеть по ссылке. Последнюю часть этой серии читайте по ссылке.

Published: 2017-02-09
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