Фразовые глаголы key word transformations and more 6

Вот и последняя часть фразовых глаголов от FCE Use of English by V Evans в виде key word transformation упражнения. В этом упражнении мы работаем со второй книгой данного автора в серии.

Упражнение на фразовые глагол к FCE Use of English

1. GP means a general practitioner which is a kind of doctor.
GP [stands for] a general practitioner which is a kind of doctor.
2. They asked him to leave the premises for not paying his rent on time.
He was [asked to go away from] the premises for delays in paying the rent.
3.Inventing some false pretense was a possible solution but you couldn’t.
You could [have made up some false] pretense to avoid punishment.
4. Make sure you have the proper equipment before leaving.
Make certain you have the proper equipment before you [set off/out]
5. If you are not sure, postpone the starting day of your journey.
Unless you are sure, you should [put off your] journey.
6. These clothes are not for you. You have become bigger than them.
These clothes don’t fit you any more. You seem to [have grown out of] them.
7. There was nobody whom she could ask for help.
She had [nobody to turn to] for help.
8. I wouldn’t trust him. He never keeps his promises.
He is not trustworthy, in my opinion. He is always [going back on his] promises.
9. He is easily noticed in a crowd for his height and haircut.
Thanks to his height and haircut he [stands out in a] crowd.
10.I have made a lot so far. I am too tired to continue.
I am [worn out since] I have made a lot.
11. She protected him during the trial.
She [stood up to him at] the court while hearing his case.
12. In the end, they managed to stop the fire.
Eventually they succeeded [in putting out] the fire

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