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Фразовые глаголы key word transformations and more

В этой записи мы обратимся к фразовым глаголам мелькающим на страница книг V Evans FCE Use of English. Кроме упражнений направленных только на проработку фразовых глаголов в книгах есть большое количество заданий на фразовые глаголы где они проверяются вместе с другими вопросами по лексике и грамматике.

Упражнение на фразовые глагол к FCE Use of English

1. There is no cache left. I can’t give you the change. Could you wait for a minute?
I [have run out of] cache.
2. Be more cautious. You tend to get very excited when everything goes well.
You tend [to get carried away] when everything seems to be O.K.
3. He is like his uncle in this way.
He [takes after his uncle] in this way.
4. After his retirement he started playing football as a hobby.
When he had retired he [took up playing] football.
5. He organised a laboratory in his room.
He [turned his room into] a laboratory.
6. I am not happy with the result of your exams.
You [let me down] by failing your exams.
7. You shouldn’t criticize your friends in such a merciless way.
You [shouldn’t run your friends down] in such a harsh way.
8. He inherited a lot of money after his auntie’s death.
He [came into a lot of] money when his auntie died.
9. She got the first diploma in a dishonest way.
She [came by the first diploma] through dishonest actions.
10.Nobody helped her to raise the boy.
She [brought up the boy on] her own.
11.The place got isolated due to malfunctioning of the phone company.
The place [ was cut off] as something went wrong in the phone company.
12.In the end, they decided to put a stop to their relationship.
They decided [to break up] and find more suitable partners to go out.
13. The car didn’t start and I had to wait for the bus.
My car seemed [to have broken down] so I took the bus.
14.They are constantly having arguments over unimportant things.
They are always [falling out with each other] about various trifles.
15. I want to have something to drink. Could you have anything?
I [|do with/can’t do without| a drink]. Is there any drink available?

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