Фразовые глаголы по теме Business and money

В этой публикации мы познакомимся фразовыми глаголами по теме «Business and money» по версии учебника Laser FCE и закрепим их на практике.

Список фразовых глаголов с переводом по теме бизнес и деньги небольшой, но для начал сойдет.

Список фразовых глаголов по теме «Business and money»

* do without — обойтись без
* save up — копить
* get by — обойтись
* come into — наследовать
* set up — организовать
* take back — вернуть обратно
* close down — закрыть

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы по теме Business and money

I can’t afford it so I’ll have to do [without].
You had better [ take ] this faulty computer back.
Businesses are [ closing ] down all over the country.
Her English isn’t very good, but she [ gets ] by.
She hoped that she would [ set ] up a private practice in future.
She came [into] some money after her auntie’s death.
She spent all the money I had saved [ up ] for the coming holiday.
I’m [ saving ] up for a new lap top.
He’s just [come] into a considerable sum of money.
They wanted to [ set ] up their own retailing business.
If you don’t like the dress, just take it [ back ].
She can’t [ do ] without yet another loan.
He doesn’t have a lot of money, but he gets [ by ].
The company was in the red and they had to close [down].

Изученные фразовые глаголы можно применить при ответе на такой вопрос «Would you rather be rich and famous?» — … rich people always have to take care of their money. Unless you come into it, you are bound to set up new ventures which may be profitable or close down. You have to take risks otherwise you will run out of money one day. Most wealthy people find it difficult to do without little luxuries. It is hard to get by on little money and save up if you have more than you need. You will be under constant pressure. It’s not my idea of being happy.

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Опубликовано: Апрель 11, 2016
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