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Фразовые глаголы по теме Education

В этой публикации мы познакомимся фразовыми глаголами по теме «Education» по версии учебника Laser FCE и закрепим их на практике.

Список фразовых глаголов с переводом по теме Образование небольшой, но для начала сойдет.

Список фразовых глаголов по теме «Education»

* cross out — зачеркнуть
* get down — расстроить
* go over — изучить в деталях
* look up — посмотреть в словаре
* sail through — справиться без проблем
* set out — (подробно) излагать
* work out — высчитать, вычислить

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы по теме Education

The lack of freedom was beginning to [ get ] him down.
He went [over] the instruction, but he couldn’t make the gadget work.
He managed to [sail] through all his final exams.
I don’t know this word. Look it [ up ] in the dictionary.
Take a sheet of paper and [ set ] out your views.
Just [cross] out the wrong word and write the correct one.
I can’t [ work ] out what to do in such a tricky situation.
She crossed [ out ] all mistakes in his essay.
I’ll just [ look ] up the ferry times.
She sailed [ through ] the job interview and hoped to be offered a contract..
Doing the same thing every day can get you [ down ].
She set [ out ] the reasons for her decision in a farewell speech .
Could you [ go ] over this report?
We’ll work the details [ out ] later.

Попробуем ответить на вопрос What is more important for success — natural abilities or hard work? с помощью рассмотренных фразовых глаголов: I suppose hard work is more important. Having natural abilities helps to sail through only if there is really little competition. The gifted are easily got down especially when they have to cross out their answers. They are not used to working out solutions. The hard working usually go everything over and look up books before they set out their ideas. It’s a small wonder that the latter are winners, but it takes them some time to excel the former.

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Апрель 14, 2016
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