Сочинение Generation gap between parents and children is inevitable

Устные темы на олимпиадах обычно носят провокационный характер. Generation gap between parents and children is inevitable? Одно ясно точно, там нет однозначных тем. С одной и той же постановкой вопросы можно и согласиться и отчаянно ее оспаривать. Полный простор для творчества.
Казалось бы в трактовке этой ситуации не может быть двойных прочтений, но участники олимпиад рискуют оспаривая эту казалось бы непреложную истину и за счет диапазона продемонстрированной лексики и грамматики получают приличный результат на устном туре.
В предлагаемом отрывке ответа по теме автор не стал бросать перчатку устоявшемуся взгляду на ситуацию и сконцентрировался на анализе путей разрешения проблемы.

Топик Generation gap between parents and children is inevitable

I have to say, that for most families the saying is an unfortunate truth. Many parents nowadays fall through to understand the children, while children are often rebellious to their relatives. It may be so, because our generations really have a great gap between them: we grew up in totally different surroundings. So our parent’s don’t really know what it is like to be a child of the 21st century. Similarly children sometimes consider their parents as old-fashioned just because they are used to old rules and models of behavior. I’m not saying this is necessarily negative, but sometimes it makes understanding each other rather difficult.
As I see , it is still possible to develop a great relationship with your parents despite the age barrier. I am convinced that the key to a peaceful life with your family is understanding. The first thing to do if you feel you’re getting angry or irritated with your relatives is to calm down and try to imagine, how the situation would look from their point of view. Trying to imagine yourself in your opponent’s shoes does help to realize the mistakes you make and what does it feel like to be «on the other side”. I always do that if there is some misunderstanding between me and my family. That usually makes me see senses, apologize for my behavior and avoid a row.
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Опубликовано: Ноябрь 30, 2014