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Тема Good name is better than riches

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Сочинение по теме Good name is better than riches

A good name I mean a reputation of a descent person is hard to gain. It takes up quite a long period of time to demonstrate that you are trustworthy and can be trusted. People are rightly suspicious when something of importance at stake. When you have something to lose you check and recheck everything and think twice before you turn to someone for help. Only those who proved to be loyal and discreet are asked for help. No one in his right mind would seek assistance by turning to complete strangers no matter how sweet their promises are. Falling for false promises and good looks is an explanation not an excuse. Do your best to see through your /accomplices/ allies of moment so as not to regret being naive. Following these simple guidelines leads to being choosy. If not, one case of being betrayed is usually enough to teach everyone a valuable lesson which lasts for life. For some inexplicable reason for some people money is an irresistible temptation. I mean the so called easy money which can be come by only by if not breaking a law but ruining your reputation. Wrong doers hope that it can be made up for a considerable sum of money. Just imagine that they somehow managed to get away with their shameful deeds they would never be offered a position of authority. They would be deprived of any chance to take part into something important. People of this kind would definitely run out of money and unsurprisingly they would find out that all doors are closed to them. They may go to another city or even country but a watchful businessman can easily trace back the past of his potential employee. If it is obscure a candidate will be put on probation. It is childish to think you are more clever than other people if you are capable of cunning.
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