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Тема Hardships only make us stronger 2

А вот и еще один черновик к топику Hardships only make us stronger, которая уже рассматривалась на страницах блога.
Если вы сравните два варианта, вы лишний раз убедитесь, что вариантов ответов на устные ситуации существует очень много и процесс их разбора занятие бесконечное. Предлагаю отрывок ответа по теме…

Сочинение по теме Hardships only make us stronger

Some people may disagree with this saying and at first sight others may think so but if you give it a thought we will comprehend that it is true though it seems strange in the beginning. None gonna say that problems of any kind can be pleasant and anyone might be looking forward to having to solve them. To explain the saying we should acknowledge that all today’s problems are result of out wrongdoing in the past. We may have been ill-informed or simply under the water which lead to making a wrong decision. I see any problem as a warning of being substandard. Having to see a problem tells me that I’d better brush up my knowledge of something or master the skills of mine the weakness of which caused the problem I am facing. It acts as a medicine bitter but healing. Once you are in a tight corner and you are besieged by numerous problems it is undoubtedly unpleasant but it may teach you a lesson anyway. A problematic situation may bring about one’s best qualities. Extreme situations call for unusual methods to apply. I see them as a challenge to take up. It may be really beneficial unless you start moaning how unlucky you are instead of seeing senses and acting correspondingly. It is quite easy to fine someone to discuss how tough life sometimes is but is is a wrong path. The only thing to do is to find a quiet place to ponder what to do next. The first step on the self-discovery road is to recall everything what lead to the problem. Remember to look for not a person to blame but a moment when you were erroneous. Moments like these ought to be analyzed so as to avoid problems in the future. The past over it can’t be changed the future is yet to come and the present should be treated on the basis of yesterday’s lessons otherwise you are doomed to make up tales to sweeten your inevitable falls and show off by boasting about scarce wins if any.
Вот таким образом можно трактовать вопросы к ситуации Hardships only make us stronger на олимпиадах в 11 классе.

Декабрь 19, 2014