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Тема Haste is waste

Ещё одна поговорка в качестве топика для устного высказывания на олимпиаде — Haste is waste.
Если вы любите говорить, то вы с легкостью наговорите по абстрактной теме, но вероятность совершения ошибок при отсутствии четкого плана рассказа намного выше, чем при передаче конкретной информации как, например, о странах изучаемого языка.

Сочинение по теме Haste is waste

To begin with I think that this statement is undoubtedly true. The young think that time is not what should be cared about since according to them everything can be made up for by speeding up. The old know that the quality of work in that case is substandard. It is easy to make a mistake when you are in a hurry so it is wise to avoid situations of this kind. That is why many people buy diaries and attend different courses on time management. When it comes to team work there are specially trained people whose job is not to let a team fall behind. Apart from planning your actions it is essential to be reasonable and not to have too much work to get through.
It is a small wonder that I do my best so as not to find myself in a situation when I have to rush. . Lost time can’t be made up for despite any efforts undertaken. There are some simple things which I do for fear of losing any time. Every evening I find some time to write a list of things I should do tomorrow. Having written the list I usually look through it to make certain that I haven’t made any mistakes. After that I try to decide how much time it would take me to do. If my goals are reasonable and I have enough time I set out my plans in detail. I firmly believe that sound time management is a beneficial thing as you have many things to do. I suppose that a preplanned action is half done.
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