Imagine you are a film director What film would you shoot?

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Тема Imagine you are a film director. What film would you shoot?

Most people want to be a film director. It is like being a writer who can use visual forms or an artist who may make images move and speak. It is a temptation which is really hard to resist. As you know true writers and artists don’t have many ways of expressing themselves at their disposal. It may come as a surprise to you but I wouldn’t like to be a film director. The many means you have the higher your chances of misusing them are. A writer or an artist may count on people’s imagination to create the whole picture. A film director has to do everything on his own. You have nobody to put the blame on for your mistakes.
If I had to shoot some film, I would think of the genre first. If I am eager to earn any money, I will try to make a comedy. Comedies are for pure entertainment. Jokes and humorous situations are easy to enjoy. Just smile and have a hearty laughter. In my opinion the main thing about any joke is the way in which it is told. The funniest joke can be spoiled by poor acting and the stony faces of your actors. People often laugh at everyday things so don’t try to come up with clever punch lines. Familiar faces of comedians are enough to make public smile.
Films based on books are not my choice either. Writing a script means that you have to reduce the original story. People who read books first and watch films later are often disappointed with the latter. A well written book is too long to be turned into a decent script. You are bound to leave some parts out. I reckon a script should be written from scratch. Apart from comedies I will refuse to make horror films. They lack any plot at all. They are all about using sound and visual effects to make the viewer scream. Action films are not better. More computer graphics and fewer words. A typical revenge story is rather plain and tasteless. I think I will make a history film. It is a rather challenging task. If you want to make a good history film, everything has to be authentic: costumes, scenery and even a language. Everything has to be typical of both place and time. People travel to different countries to get new emotions, don’t they? What about time travelling then?

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Опубликовано: Март 24, 2016