Тема Imagine you had an opportunity to get a very short tour of London

Тема должна давать возможность порассуждать и данная трактовка темы (Imagine you had an opportunity to get a very short tour of London. Your stay in London is going to last no more than three hours. What places of interest would you prefer to see? Give your reasons for choosing these particular sights or landmarks) мне кажется очень удачной.

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There are many different places of interest in London and three hours is not enough even to catch a glimpse of the most important ones. There so many interesting places to visit that they can satisfy needs of people of different inclinations. When I think of Great Britain I think of the Crown. I can’t imagine Great Britain without monarchy, so my first destination is Buckingham palace which is London residence of the British sovereign. The first thing to do is to look around the building. But for the shortness of my visit I’d pay a visit to the National Gallery, which contains the largest collection of important paintings in the UK.  The National Gallery contains mostly European art. I think that the Queen’s Gallery is not a bad option either. It is situated in the palace and exhibits works from the royal art collection. One more thing I want to witness is guard mounting, the ceremony of changing the guard, takes place regularly (generally every morning from April to early August and every other morning thereafter), but the royal standard is flown over the palace only when the sovereign is in residence. I am afraid that all it would take me a lot of time so the only thing I’d have time to go in for is to have a ride in the London Eye. It was opened in 2000 and immediately became very popular. The wheel has glass containers which people travel in as it goes slowly round so that they have a view across the whole city. Of course walking on foot is by far the best way of exploring the city but it will take me more than three hours. A double decker is another way of making your way round the city. It’s quicker than strolling but only the latter lets to get the feel of the place.
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