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Тема It takes all sorts to make a world

Что ни говори, но трактовка топиков для устных высказываний через speak about мне кажется не интересной и нудной. Посмотрите на It takes all sorts to make a world

Вот что получилось в качестве ответа не эту тему пару лет назад. А вот на speak about разлилось море широко не всегда получается.

Сочинение по теме It takes all sorts to make a world

People often pride themselves on being good at doing something but they forget there are some things they can’t do properly. Being an expert in doing something doesn’t make you a better person than those who are less proficient. Brilliant though you are you can’t cope with the same amount of work as a team of decent specialists. It goes without saying that most scientific discoveries were made by geniuses without any help but making discoveries is not a thing which takes place almost every day.
As for me I often try to be respectful to any person as I know that there is something he can do better than me. I look up to those who are better than me when it comes to the things I am interested in. I detest people who look down on those who are not so perfect as they are supposed to be. Showing off is a stupid thing and it’s a clear sign that the person is not a true specialist since they are too busy mastering their skills to laugh at other people.
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