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Изучаем фразовые глаголы в английском языке с round up 5 bring

Предлагаем текстовые упражнения для изучения фразовых глаголов по книге Round Up 5. В каждом наборе упражнений вы не только изучаете новые фразовые глаголы, но и повторяете ранее изученные в рамках данной серии статей. В данной публикации мы знакомимся с bring ().

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы

Unit 2
Exercise 3

Match the phrasal verbs to the correct definitions.
1. bring about 2. bring round 3. bring out 4. bring round 5. bring up
A to deliberately and gradually change the someone’s opinion on something B to make someone become conscious again C to produce something that will be sold to the public D to look after children until they are adults E to make something happen
Exercise 4
Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1. When their parents died an aunt brought them ***. 2. She seemed to be a well brought-***young girl. 3. The makers are bringing ***a new kind of soap. 4. The increase in the number of women in Parliament, she hoped, would bring ***the feminization of politics. 5. Most of the automobile companies bring ***new models of their cars each year. 6. He brought ***his company’s collapse by endless speculations. 7. They hoped their brave action would, in the Marxist idiom, «bring ***a proletarian revolution.» 8. David was brought ***to respect authority. 9. She won’t listen to me. Let’s see if Sue can bring her ***. 10. At first they refused but I managed to bring them ***to my way of thinking. 11. Sam was sure he could bring them ***to the deal. 12. This medicine will surely bring him ***. 13. I see they’ve brought ***a new lap-top word processor. 14. I gave him a sniff of smelling salts to bring him ***. 15. A passenger fainted but the stewardess brought him ***.
Exercise 5
Fill in the gaps with correct phrasal verbs.
1 If someone *** something they suddenly start doing it. 2 If someone has been *** in a certain place or with certain attitudes, they grew up in that place or were taught those attitudes when they were growing up. 3 If a prisoner *** a prison, they escape from it. 4 If someone *** a building, they get into it by force. 5 if someone *** a run they suddenly start running 6 When a person or company *** a new product, especially a new book or CD, they produce it and put it on sale. 7 If something such as war, fighting, or disease ***, it begins suddenly. 8 If a discussion, relationship, or system *** it fails because of a problem or disagreement. 9 If someone ***, they lose control of themselves and start crying. 10 When a school or the pupils in it ***, the school term ends and the pupils start their holidays. 11 If they *** song they suddenly start singing. 12 If a machine or a vehicle ***, it stops working.
Exercise 6
Fill in the gaps with correct phrasal verbs.
1 A storm *** during the night. 2 «What do you think causes violence?» «I’d say the way men are *** has a lot to do with it.» 3 We threw water in his face to try and *** him ***. 4 Because he was being so kind and concerned, I *** and cried. 5 Our washing machine *** yesterday and flooded the kitchen. 6 Ten years of incompetent government had *** the virtual collapse of the country’s economy. 7 The printing machines are always ***. 8 He *** a new play 9 We’d been *** to think that borrowing money was bad. 10 A post office was *** last night, and the thieves got away with $120 000. 11 At the sound of gunfire the horse suddenly *** a gallop. 12 The accident was *** by John’s carelessness. 13 This row *** on the eve of the Congress. 14 It’s the last week before they ***, and they’re doing all kinds of Christmas things.

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