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Изучаем фразовые глаголы в английском языке с round up 5 hold & carry

Предлагаем текстовые упражнения для изучения фразовых глаголов по книге Round Up 5. В каждом наборе упражнений вы не только изучаете новые фразовые глаголы, но и повторяете ранее изученные в рамках данной серии статей. В данной публикации мы знакомимся с hold & carry ().

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы

Unit 3

Exercise 7

Match the phrasal verbs to the correct definitions.
1 hold up 2 carry out 3 carry on 4 hold back 5 hold on 6 hold up
A say this when you want someone to wait or stop doing something B to try to steal money from a shop, bank etc using a gun C to do something that has been planned and organized, or that someone has told you to do D to go on doing something E to make someone or something late F to stop yourself from showing a particular feeling

Exercise 8

Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1 She holds *** to the hope that her son will return some day. 2 Traffic was held *** for several hours by the accident. 3 Sandbags will hold the flood waters *** for a while. 4 We’ll carry this conversation *** later when we’ve both calmed down. 5 The gang held a security van *** using shotguns. 6 I should hold *** to that drawing — it might be valuable one day. 7 Our soldiers carried *** a successful attack last night. 8 That bank has been held *** three times. 9 They held the same bank *** twice in one week. 10 Sorry I’m late, I didn’t count on being held *** in the traffic. 11 Sorry I’m late. I was held *** in the traffic. 12 Nigel is carrying *** research on early Christian art. 13 The hospital is carrying *** tests to find out what’s wrong with her. 14 Carry *** the good work! 15 Hold *** your tears — there’s good news as well. 16 If you can just
hold *** I’ll go and get some help. 17 You shouldn’t let other people’s opinions hold you ***. 18 Let’s carry *** this discussion at some other time.

Exercise 9

Choose the correct variant.
1. Sorry I’m late — I was held *** at work.
a) on ;b) up ;c) back
2 This series of military defeats brought *** the downfall of the government.
a) about ;b) out ;c) round
3 School breaks *** next week.
a) in ;b) off ;c) up
4 Two armed men held *** a downtown liquor store last night.
a) back ;b) on ;c) up
5 The ink was barely dry on the peace agreement when fighting broke *** again.
a) into ;b) out ;c) out of
6 Hold ***, I’ll just get my coat.
a) on ;b) off ;c) back
7 She is bringing *** an eagerly awaited solo album next month.
a) down ;b) into ;c) out
8 Thieves had broken *** the car in broad daylight and stolen the stereo.
a) out of ;b) out ;c) into
9 Every possible test was carried *** to decide the nature of her illness.
a) on ;b) off ;c) out
10 We hadn’t even got as far as London when the car broke***.
a) out ;b) into ;c) down
11 People broke *** and wept when they heard the news.
a) down ;b) about ;c) into
12 Bringing ***children is both difficult and rewarding.
a) up ;b) down ;c) into
13 Daphne is carrying ***the family tradition by becoming a lawyer.
a) on ;b) out ;c) off
14 She bit her lip to hold *** the tears.
a) back ;b) on ;c) up

Exercise 10

Match different parts of the sentences.
1 Several prisoners 2 Can you hurry up in the bathroom 3 The staff is working 4 She kept trying 5 Peace lasted in Europe for just over 20 years after 1918 overtime 6 A journalist all his life, 7 I’ve run out of space, 8 The heavy spring rains 9 The alarm went off as soon as they tried 10 The building of the new road has been 11 His wife left him when the children were small, 12 The police tried
A held up by bad weather. B I can’t hold on much longer. C before war broke out again. D he’s now brought out a book. E to carry out the repairs. F to hold back her tears… G brought about the flood. H to break into the house. I so he effectively brought up the family himself. J to break down the prisoner’s opposition. K broke out of the jail. L so I’ll have to carry this letter on another page.

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