Изучаем фразовые глаголы в английском языке с round up 5 look

Предлагаем текстовые упражнения для изучения фразовых глаголов по книге Round Up 5. В каждом наборе упражнений вы не только изучаете новые фразовые глаголы, но и повторяете ранее изученные в рамках данной серии статей. В данной публикации мы знакомимся с look ().

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы

Unit 7

Exercise 22

Match the phrasal verbs to the correct definitions.
1 look out 2 look up 3. look through 4 look forward to 5 look into 6 look after 7 look for
A to try to find out the truth about a problem, crime B to try to notice someone or something C to be excited and happy about something that is going to happen D to use your eyes to find something E to look for something in a pile of papers, a drawer, someone’s pockets F to find information in a book, on a computer G to do things to make sure that someone or something is safe and well

Exercise 23

Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1. I’ll look *** the reasons for the decision. 2. I’m looking *** a child. I believe your husband can help me find her… 3. I look *** hearing from you 4. Look *** the number in the book 5. The woman was helping her friend look *** the shop. 6. The girl walked slowly to the shelves and started to look *** the magazines. 7. She wanted an evening job that would allow her to look *** her son during the day. 8. She was looking *** seeing the grandchildren again. 9. I looked everywhere *** ideas… 10.The department admitted publicly that it was wrong to refuse to look *** Miss Wood’s complaints. 11.Look *** their number in the telephone directory. 12. I’m looking *** my holiday. 13. The transport department looks *** roads and railways. 14. Several social workers have looked *** the child’s case. 15. Look *** the log of 14.73 in your logarithm. 16.I had gone to Maine looking *** a place to work… 17. Do you want to look *** my stamps and see if there are any ones that you’d like? 18. She looked *** the exam paper trying to find an easy question to answer.

Exercise 24

Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1. The doctors had given the patient ***but he made a remarkable recovery. 2. She struggled to hold ***her tears. 3. Collins went ***every legal book she could find. 4. She admitted her company’s responsibility for the disaster and went ***to explain how compensation would be paid to the victims. 5. We were supposed to have gone ***this week, but Debbie’s ill so we couldn’t go. 6. I’ll just look *** the train times. 7. A working party has been set up to look *** the problem. 8. I’ve been trying to ring up all day and I couldn’t get ***. 9. Does everyone know what to do if a fire breaks ***? 10. His eldest son Joseph carried *** his father’s traditions… 11. She sacrificed her career to bring *** the children. 12. Someone broke *** my car and stole the radio. 13. Skill and initiative are called *** in this job 14. A planned demonstration has been called *** by its organisers 15. We’re hoping to get *** to Scotland for a few days. 16. An investigation is being carried *** by the prison governor. 17. The next year they brought *** a low-priced car to compete with Ford. 18. They felt like they were giving *** company secrets. 19. She got held *** at work. 20. е is getting *** very well with his English. 21.Can you hold ***? I’ll try to find her. 22. Looking *** a magazine in the doctor’s waiting room, I found a photograph of my own daughter’s wedding.

Exercise 25

Fill in the gaps with correct verbs.
1. We are *** for a partner in a new business venture. 2. Customs officials *** through his luggage but found nothing. 3. He needs a lot of coffee to *** him through the day. 4. Nice to see you, *** after yourself, bye! 5.If he’s bothering you, tell him to *** away. 6. Protesters were *** for a ban on the production of GM foods. 7.We’re *** on much better now that we don’t live together. 8. Sugar? — No, I *** it up long ago 9. She was late for the meeting because her car *** down. 10. Peter starts *** through the mail as soon as the door shuts.11. I promise to *** out my duties to the best of my ability. 12. The meeting *** on a lot longer than I expected. 13. She moved to London to *** away from the small-mindedness of the people in the village where she grew up. 14. The search was *** off for the sailors who had disappeared in the storm. 15. The police are *** into last night’s robbery. 16. He was *** forward to working with the new Prime Minister. 17. Her bravery has given him the will to *** on with his life and his work… 18. A huge amount of environmental damage has been ***t about by the destruction of the rainforests. 19. Anger flooded through her. She couldn’t *** it back. 20. He was born and *** up in India. 21. We were *** up on the road by a nasty traffic accident. 22. Very softly, she *** out: ‘Hallo? Who’s there?’ 23. We have 1,000 CDs to *** away to our readers. 24. After a month their food supplies *** out. 25. We watched her puzzled face *** gently into a smile.

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