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Изучаем фразовые глаголы с round up 5 run

Предлагаем текстовые упражнения для изучения фразовых глаголов по книге Round Up 5. В каждом наборе упражнений вы не только изучаете новые фразовые глаголы, но и повторяете ранее изученные в рамках данной серии статей. В данной публикации мы знакомимся с run ().

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы

Unit 10
Exercise 34

Match the phrasal verbs to the correct definitions.
1 run into 2 run after 3 run down 4 run out of 5 run across 6 run away 7 run down
A to chase someone or something B to meet or find someone or something by chance C to hit a person or animal with a car and kill or injure them D to criticize someone or something E to leave a place without telling anyone because you are unhappy there F to meet someone by chance G to have no more of something left because you have used it all
Exercise 35
Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1. She has spent her life running *** fame and fortune. 2. I ran ***several old friends when I went back to my hometown. 3. I’ve run ***milk — would you like some creamer instead? 4. Malcolm and my sister are planning to run *** together to get married. 5. She accused him of running *** from his responsibilities. 6. I think it’s bad manners to run *** your parents. 7. I ran *** an excellent book on the subject, in the public library. 8. He ran *** to sea from home when he was only 12. 9. I ran *** several old friends when I went back to my hometown. 10. He’s always running himself ***. 11. Two masked men on motorbikes tried to run me ***. 12. I had to stop suddenly, and the car behind ran *** me. 13. Graham ran *** someone he knew at school the other day. 14. The printer has run *** paper, could you get me some more A4? 15. We’ve run *** a slight problem with the instruction manual. 16. He ran his motorbike *** a tree. 17. We’ve run ***bog paper. 18. I’ve run *** space, so I’ll have to carry this letter on another page.
Exercise 36
Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1 . If you put *** a plan, proposal, or name, you suggest that it should be considered for a particular purpose or job. 2. If I put *** another inch, I shan’t be able to wear this dress. 3. If you run *** from a place, you leave it because you are unhappy there 4. If you run *** someone or something, you meet them or find them unexpectedly. 5. If you put *** a fire, candle, or cigarette, you make it stop burning. 6. If you run people or things ***, you criticize them strongly. 7. If a large ship runs *** a smaller one, it hits it. 8. If you run *** something, you have no more of it left. 9. If a vehicle runs *** something, it accidentally hits it. 10. If a person or hotel puts you ***, you stay there for one or more nights 11. If you put something *** somewhere, you write or type it there. 12. When you put *** clothing or make-up, you place it on your body in order to wear it
Exercise 37
Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1. Dealing with children who are so damaged calls *** immense tact and sensitivity. 2. I ran *** the letter while I was tidying the drawers. 3. She takes ages to make her face *** in the mornings 4. You’ll never guess whom I ran *** on Fifth Avenue yesterday. 5. If captured, they might give *** vital military secrets. 6. Police were looking *** clues as to the woman’s identity. 7. I heard the voices, but couldn’t make *** what they were saying. 8. The wood gave *** a sweet, perfumed smell as it burned. 9. I caught him looking *** my private papers. 10. When you’re the boss you can make *** your own rules. 11. It took several buckets of water to put *** the fire. 12. Don’t run him ***, he’s a talented actor. 13. The telephone
system has broken ***. 14. «You mean they just ran *** to Mauritius together?» «Yep, that’s right.» 15. The criminals held *** the train and took all the passengers’ money. 16. We had lots before but now we’ve run ***. 17. A survey is now being carried *** nationwide. 18. The president promised to bring *** a new era of peace. 19. At last I managed to get *** to one of the managers 20. I had prepared for the meeting by putting *** what I wanted from them. 21. But she’d obviously brought him *** to her way of thinking. 22. I went *** wondering if I’d said the wrong thing. 23. Her house was broken *** last week. 24. I got into the habit of calling *** on Gloria on my way home. 25. I rang the Colonel and asked him to put my name *** for the vacancy in Zurich. 26. There were never enough textbooks to go ***. 27. The Association has put the event *** until October. 28. He had worked hard and was looking *** his retirement. 29. ‘Hi there!’ I called ***. 30. We spent half an hour looking for the keys, but eventually gave *** and went home.

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